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“Must-eat” dishes from Poland

By |November 26th, 2013|

Calm down – we’re not changing the subject of our blog and this post isn’t about cooking. Well, not only about cooking. Today we’re gonna focus on Polish food that nicely fits with alcohol.


Adventure holidays in Krakow

By |November 18th, 2013|

Adventure holidays in Poland Krakow may not sound new to many. However, many tourists are still not aware of the varied options of adventure activities enjoyed here at Krakow. This beautiful city is known for its rich history, charming nature spots, and diverse options of adventure activities such as camping, skiing, and kayaking. If you are looking for an adventure holiday at any European city, then look no further. Visit the beautiful city of Krakow today and enjoy an array of fun-filled activities in this scenic city.

Krakow adventure weekend

Krakow attractions during Stag Party

By |November 10th, 2013|

If you are planning a stag weekend in Krakow, Poland, you can find plenty of fun things that will keep you entertained throughout your visit. The attractions and activities in this city offer something special for just about anyone. Party Krakow organises tours and Krakow activities that are perfectly suitable for people who are looking to enjoy an exciting stag do in the city. Here are a few of the top activities that Party Krakow commonly organises for a Krakow stag do/stag weekend:


[photo: Jakubson,] […]

Trips to Auschwitz

By |November 4th, 2013|

If you’re planning a trip to Poland, Krakow is definitely a city that you shouldn’t miss during your adventure. Whether you’re looking for a party scene, activities that the entire family can enjoy or a bit of historical touring, Krakow will be able to offer whatever it is you’re seeking.

But one of the most common reasons for visiting Krakow is, without a doubt, its historical significance during World War II. And the most challenging goal of those trips is Auschwitz.





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