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Budget Package for Hens

  • 2 or more nights’ 3 star apartments
  • Guided bar crawl
  • Return airport transfers
  • Nightclub entry
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Juicy Package for Hens

  • 2 or more nights’ 3 star apartments
  • Guided bar crawl
  • Return airport transfers
  • Nightclub entry
  • Welcoming 2 course dinner
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Krakow City Guide

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Basic Krakow Information

  • Time: + 1 hour
  • Visa: Not required if you have valid UK passport
  • Flight time: About 2h 20m
  • Bus time: From London about 26h
  • Money matters: currently 1 GBP equals approx. 5 PLN (Polish Zloty)
  • Language: Polish-this is one of the Slav languages and bears no resemblance to English that is recognisable. 4th most difficult language for a foreigner to learn
  • Climate: C Cold snowy winters, uplifting springs, hot summers and golden autumns
  • Phone codes: Dial +48 for Poland, +44 for UK. Krakow prefix is 12 or 012 if calling from Krakow
  • Duty Free Allowances:1 litre of spirits, 2 litres of wine and 5 litres of beer. 250 cigarettes or 50 cigars or 250g of tobacco
  • Electrical problems:Use an adaptor then none; Voltage: 220V
  • Opening hours: more or less as UK but bars, clubs and restaurants are flexible and tend to stay open later
  • Public holidays:
    • New Year’s Day- January 1
    • Easter Sunday and Monday- no fixed date but in April
    • Labor Day- May 1
    • Constitution Day- May 3
    • Assumption of Virgin Mary, Polish Army Day- August 15
    • All Saints’ Day- November 1
    • National Independence Day- November 11
    • Christmas- December 25 & 26
  • Embassies:
    • United Kingdom:Warszawa, al. Róż 1, tel. (+48 22) 628 10 01
    • USA:Warszawa, al. Ujazdowskie 29/31, tel. (+48 22) 628 30 41
    • Ireland:Warszawa, ul. Humańska 10, tel. (+48 22) 849 66 55

Flights to Krakow

There are two options for flying to Krakow.

  • From the UK to Krakow airport

First of all is flying from the UK to Krakow airport with routes from the following cities:
Ryanair: London Stansted, Birmingham, East Midlands, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds Bradford, Edinburgh, Dublin, Shannon.
EasyJet: London Gatwick, Bristol, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Belfast.
Jet2: Newcastle

  • From the UK to Katowice airport
The other option which can sometimes be cheaper is to fly to Katowice airport which is located 100km away and takes just over an hour by road. Party Krakow can arrange these transfers for you. Flying from the UK to Katowice is possible with these airlines from the following cities:
Ryanair: London Stansted, Birmingham, Dublin.
Wizz Air: London Gatwick, Doncaster Sheffield, Belfast, Glasgow.


Krakow’s Recent History

Krakow is the former royal capital of Poland and still remains its cultural heart. Since the fall of the Iron Curtain it has been considered one of the best destinations to visit in the whole of Europe, both for sightseeing and for partying. Its historic center is a major UNESCO listed World Heritage attraction. Medieval city walls and streets, gothic cathedrals and renaissance buildings plus the unique clubbing scene, make Krakow a winning combination of past and present. In 2013 over 9 million tourists appreciated its unique beauty and atmosphere. Despite this fact, Krakow still has an authentic feel mainly due to the very large student population which makes the city live its own life, bustling with parties and festivals throughout the year.

What’s the weather like in Krakow?

Contrary to popular belief the weather here is actually very good. We enjoy snowy winters, beautiful springs, burning hot summers and golden autumns. To give you an idea of the contrast between seasons, the average temperature in July is 19c (65f) with in January it’s -3c (28f). Remember these are just the averages though, and it can get as high as 30c in the summer and -20c in the winter.

Prices and local currency

Remember that Krakow is not (yet) using the Euro, so ensure you have the correct currency which is Polish Zloty. At the moment the exchange rate is about 5.25 zl for every pound, and cheap prices here mean that you can spend less in a weekend than you would on one night out in London! For example the average price of a beer is about 1,5 GBP, a decent meal in a restaurant is between 6 and 10 GBP and a packet of cigarettes is about 2,5 GBP.


Taxis in Krakow

Taxi operators here (and elsewhere) deserve their bad reputations. If you are a foreigner then you are automatically “fair game” and you will get ripped if you just hop into a cab and gabble away in English to the driver. There are 2 types of taxis, independent and contract. The independents should be avoided but contact drivers work for reputable companies and offer guarantees. To contact a contract driver, you need to speak Polish which is probably not the case!

Party Krakow has a pool of “tame” drivers which we supply in very special cases. If you are a large group but one or two arrive on separate planes, we will do our best to arrange greeted collection for them at their own cost. We do this purely as a service and we have no back to back deals with taxi operators. This service is labour intensive and is only available under exceptional circumstances. Please ask our guides to arrange taxis for you and then you will be guaranteed a civilised rate. Please do not contact Party Krakow office lines for taxi use while you are here, except under cases of genuine emergency.

Public Transport

Krakow is a very compact city which means you can get to most places on foot. Public transport is also very cheap, a ticket for 20 minutes will cost you 2,80zl and a ticket for 40 minutes will cost 3,80zl. Tickets can be bought either from any kiosks around the city, or from machines at the bus/tram stops or from the machines on the buses/trams (machines are in English). Please be aware that if buying a ticket from a machine on a bus or tram you must have enough in coins as they do not accept notes or cards. When purchasing a ticket you must make sure that you stamp in in the machine when you board to avoid a hefty fine if a ticket inspector happens to be on board. Trams & buses are identified by number, according to the routes they follow. Lists of destinations, stops and times are displayed at tram stops. Travelling without a ticket should definitely not be done as there are a number of ticket inspectors working and they will happily issue you a 30 GBP fine if you’re caught without one.

Drink in Krakow

Drinking is part of the normal Polish way of life and booze is available pretty much anywhere. Bars are open, usually till the last customer leaves but most never seem to close in high season. That said, when they are closed, most stags are examining the inside of their eyelids in the land of nod!

The most common drinks, and the cheapest, are beer and vodka. The beers are some of the best in the world and quite strong. Normal beers here are of the lager type and the weakest are about as strong as Stella Artois. So beware! Dark beers, or porters, are pretty nice but rather on the sweet side and a lot stronger. These are not recommended for weekend sessions, especially during the warm season (April – October) when they are a bit on the “heavy” side. There are some international beers frequently available, like Heineken and Guiness. Both travel well and are kept properly here. The downside is that they are expensive by local standards. Prices, depending where you swig, are about 5-7 PLN (1-1.4 GBP) for a pint of one of the many Polish beers.

Vodka here is the very best and has many different flavours. It is generally pretty cheap but also very strong. Prices depend on where you are drinking, but most places charge around 5 PLN (1 GBP) for 50 ml (a big one!) Any other spirit is available but more expensive since they are imported from the EU.

Very good wines are common here at less than UK prices. But all depends on where you buy it. Please look at the wine list and prices before making a decision, especially with great vintages and champagnes. These are priced at the same level as in the UK and elsewhere in the EU. But never order wine without knowing the price as displayed on the wine list.


Concerning leisure drugs, the advice is simple. Don’t buy, attempt to buy or use illegal drugs during your stay here. These include cannabis, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamine, ecstasy, heroin and other opiates. You will probably be here for just a few days, so please leave these things at home. You will be severely punished for illegalities and Party Krakow will not be able to assist you, under any circumstances, if you are arrested for illegal drug possession or use.

Food in Krakow

Food in Poland is so deeply embedded in its traditions that no Polish person, on fear of losing face, will let you go hungry. The Poles have a phrase which describes their duties to their lucky guests: “A guest in my house is like God in my house”.

Restaurants here base themselves on two schools of thought. The first is the type of cuisine and the second the volume. The restaurants that we have deals with are user friendly in that the meals they serve do not prevent you from the evening activities. Meals are very well prepared and served and the tastes and flavours are recommended. So they are good, wholesome but not bloating.

Krakow is now probably the most successful and interesting city destination in the world. It deserves its reputation on any ground- its spectacular mixture of Mediaeval, Renaissance, Baroque, Austro-Hungarian and Stalinist architecture presents a snapshot of history that exists in no other city and its cuisine follows this history. Traditional Polish restaurant lie next to Greek, Italian, French, Indian, Ukrainian, English and others. Failing that, there’s also McDonald’s, KFC and Subway…

Useful Polish Words

Here are a few useful words for all the smarty pants that would like to impress girls with their ability to learn foreign languages, especially one as difficult as Polish. You may break your tongue in some cases but it will definitely make the local girls pay attention to you – and that is always a good place to start!

Cześć [tschesch] Hi
Jak masz na imie ? [yeak mush na emyea] What’s your name?
Mam na imię… [mum na emyea] My name is…
Piwo [pe:vo] Beer
Dziękuję [dzeekuyea] Thank you
Jesteś piękna [yeste:sh peenkna] You are beautiful
Kocham Cię [koham cyeah] I love you…
Czy masz siostre ? [tche mush see-stra] Do you have a sister?
Mieszkam w pobliżu [meshkam v pobleezu] I live very nearby…
Gdzie jest toaleta? [gdze est toe let us] Where is the toilet?
Do zobaczenia [do zobatschenea] See you