There are many things to see and do while visiting Krakow, Poland. As one of the largest and oldest cities in the country, visitors will find everything from historic and cultural sites to more modern and artistic points of interest. Before visiting Krakow, take advantage of this guide which will assist you in finding things to see while in the city, popular places to visit, the best nightlife destinations, the top stag party spots, shooting Krakow paint ball facilities and much more.

things to do in krakow

Things to See and Do

There are many things to see and do while visiting this popular Polish city. During a visit here, you will not want to pass up checking out some historic walking tours that tell you more about the city and the history behind different areas. Krakow’s Historic Centre is a merchants town that was first built during the 13th century. Today, it is one of the largest market squares in all of Europe and provide visitors with many different historic sites to see and enjoy. This includes palaces, churches, historic homes, synagogues and Gothic cathedrals. From landmarks such as the Main Market Square to religious sites such as the Church of the Virgin Mary and fun activities like paint ball, you will find lots to do while visiting this historic city.

Popular Places to Visit

There are lots of popular places to visit in this city that will entertain all types of visitors from the older generations to younger families looking for fun. Some of the most popular destinations include religious and historic sites. For example, the Church of the Virgin Mary is one of the most visited and famous churches in all of Poland. With beautiful Gothic architecture, this church built in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuriesis one spot that everyone will want to visit. Stop by the Polish Aviation Museum to learn about Polish air crafts through massive collections and exhibits. Enjoy a symphony performance at the Royal Chamber Orchestra, take a scenic walk around The Planty’s Old Town, remember the Holocaust victims at the Galicia Jewish Museum and walk through the historic Jewish District.

things to do in krakow


Nightlife Destinations

Krakow is known to have one of the largest collections of bars in the entire world. From bars found within cellars that line the cobblestone streets to more popular, well-known destinations, there are many different areas that will provide visitors with fun during all hours of the night. Some top nightlife destinations within the city include Stalowe Magnolie for those looking for a more elite spot, Baccarat for an upscale club environment and Gorączka for fun music and cheap drinks.

Great Stag Parties

A stag party can be enjoyed at bars such as Pod Papugami and Irish M’Bassy where these types of boisterous groups are welcome. The House Of Beer is another must-go location for your stag party, as it offers over 150 Polish and foreign ales that can be sampled throughout the night.

shooting krakow

Shooting Krakow Destinations

Krakow has become widely popular for its shooting ranges and paint ball facilities. For a fun and thrilling activity, visit for example:  where you can enjoy a competitive round of paintball.