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If you like fairy tales – don’t read it…



Well it’s a true that without it you couldn’t have sex, but – hey – don’t even try to take testosterone pills by your own without consulting a doctor. Result can be opposite to the expected – you might even extend your breasts!




Some Chinese (and not only them) believe that taking powder made of rhino’s horn will increase their potency and preserve youth. Of course – it’s bullshit! Rhino’s horn is made of keratin, just like human nails. Has anyone heard about eating nails to boost libido? I don’t think so… There’s no need to kill those beautiful animals, but if you’re still not convinced that horn powder is a crap you should know that there are some people in Africa who try to stop rhino carnage radicaly by poisoning the horns. This doesn’t kill the rhinos, but could be deadly for powder aficionados.




Hungry? Want to try something original? Enjoy your meal, but remember – this won’t help to increase your potency. Eating tiger’s, lion’s and elephant’s penis won’t do the work either.



sexy witch


Voodoo dolls, magic potions and spells can help only those, who sell that shit. Be real! An adult believing in sorcery is pathetic. Also remember that taking unknown mixtures can cause illness, spells are dangerous for your psyche (you may end up even with depression) and voodoo dolls work only in c-class movies.

On the other hand, a sexy stripper in witch fancy clothes can do miracles to your libido- make sure you book one for your Krakow stag do



Watching xxx movies and pics can be pleasant entertainment – for example when you’re doing this together (I mean – you and your girlfriend/wife/sex mate). It can be nice foreplay. But – you know – enough is enough. Especially when you start to believe in all things that you see on the screen and you try to compare yourself with porno-stars. Remember – they are pros, they’re doing this for money – and most important – often they are taking a lot of blue pills ;) Sorry, it’s not a real life and you got to come to terms with it, unless it’s too late.


So this article wasn’t all negative and depressing (for those of the readers who for example really put big hopes in the rhinos powder…) here is a list of 5 things which will increase your potency:


A. Regular sporting exercises


Try rugby, you will not only get better shape, increase your testosterone level, but you will also be admired by both male and female fans (just don’t exaggerate- you might end up getting too attractive and getting too many immoral proposals from both sides !)


B. Moderate alcohol intake


According to the Elena Ricci, ScD, PhD Fondazione IRCCS Ca’ Granda Ospedale Maggiore Policlinico, Milano the scientific researched proved that men with a moderate alcohol intake (4 to 7 units of ethanol per week - 1unit=12.5 grams ) had higher semen volume and sperm total count than men with both lower and higher intake. 


C. Avoiding too much stress and sleep depravation 

Your cortisol level ("stress hormone") is produced in stressful situations, but also is an outcome of poor sleep. Switch off your phone or mute it when you go to bed, darken the bedroom, and stop thinking about the next day difficulties. Take days off- preferably take a trip, change your daily environment. Therefore a Krakow stag do tour could be a great idea, since you combine travelling with moderate (fingers crossed !) alcohol intake.


D. Proper diet


A diet to boost men's potency should consist of foods rich in vitamins, arginine, selenium, and zinc. Composing a diet for high potency, you should look for products such as e.g.:

  • pumpkin seeds,
  • fish,
  • brown rice,
  • lean meat, e.g. poultry, beef and… rabbit


For the very best results it’s best not to buy your meet at a store, but to grab it yourself- rabbit chase is an excellent choice to burn extra calories ! 


E. Implementing your sexual fantasies into reality

Some fantasies might be a  bit difficult to implement (we wrote about it here), but let’s say your ones are “more typical”.  As long as implementation of your fantasies is consensual with your sex partner, you will get a huge boost in libido  



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