You just have to prank your stag during the stag do. Just like you couldn’t have the wedding, you couldn’t have a stag do without a prank or five. This is why we have decided to create a guide to stag pranks to show you the best ones with helpful hints on how to execute them.

Of course there are many traditional stag pranks such as dressing him up in an embarrassing costume or tying him to an object in the city centre, however we decided to think outside the box and give you some original stag prank ideas.

The Ultimate Stag Prank Day

To make things easy for you we’ve created the ultimate stag prank day which contains a number of set-up activities to ensure your stag has a weekend to remember. Head over to the ultimate stag prank day for more details.

Busking Stag

A bit more creative this one; take the stags phone, wallet, keys etc. and say that the only way he can raise money for the evening’s beers is by busking for it. The best location is on Krakow’s Market Square where you and the rest of the party can find a nice outside bar to sit with a cold beer and watch him earning his beer tokens. It’s also better if the stag has no musical experience whatsoever.

Stag Visa

This one is only going to work if the stag isn’t too hot on geography. Before the trip one of the group needs to make up some official looking documents that are supposed to be visas for Poland. At a suitable moment early in the trip ask if everyone sorted their Visas out. When everyone produces theirs and the stag doesn’t, just tell him not to worry you’re sure it’ll be fine. For as long as possible keep the ruse up, even combining it with a prank call from ‘the immigration office’.

Stag Kidnapping

Fast becoming a popular one all over Europe, the stag is set upon by some burley men who bundle him into the back of a van making him think he’s been kidnapped. The end result is that he ends up in a strip club where he is surprised by a lap dance for his trouble. Done wrongly and this one can cause a lot of problems and stress, which is why at Party Krakow we have ensured to do things correctly. If you choose us to organize this then the stag is kidnapped by professionals who pretend they are Interpol (using some personal information for the reason of arrest, given to them by the group beforehand to make it seem more realistic). Of course the end result is the stag tied to a chair in a strip club where he is surprised with a lap dance/oil wrestling match much to his relief.

The Numbers Game

Once the stag leaves his phone unguarded quickly swap round his fiancé’s number with one of the group, that way whatever the guy on the stag party sends him he will think is from his bride to be. I’ll leave it up to you to decide what you want the messages to say…