Krakow appears in a new report produced by a company from the UK, ‘The 9 Best Value Stag Do Destinations in Europe… Revealed!’, showing that, particularly when it comes to costs on the weekend itself, Krakow is tough to beat as a stag destination in 2016.

With the average price of an return air fare to Krakow from the UK about £110 (flight time 2hrs25), and a standard basic package – that includes 2 nights 3-star accommodation, return transfers, guided bar crawl and a lap club and nightclub VIP entry – for £113, Krakow comes off as very affordable versus other European stag cities.

But the Maximise stag do report does not stop there, comparing Europe-wide prices for many typical purchases on the weekend, such as a pint of beer, 3km taxi fare, or a tattoo! Tattoo removal is available back in the UK for £60 upwards!

You even learn how much you’ll get charged (£58) for a night in the drunk tank, a very real threat at Krakow’s low alcohol prices! To put in context, the capital city is the 3rd cheapest stag location in all of Europe for booze. According to the research a bottle of vodka in a club costs £30, while a pint of beer comes in at just £1.35. With a pint in London costing as much as £5.50, it’s no wonder Brits are flocking to Krakow for their stag dos this year – the price of fun in the UK is high! N.B. Our advice when you’re here is to stick to the local brands, which are always cheaper.

What’s more, Krakow isn’t just famous for cheap beer, but good beer too, hosting the Krakow Beer Festival each year in May that promotes local beers and traditional brewing techniques. Microbreweries have exploded in recent years, though the best breweries are still arguably the traditional ones, such as C.K. Browar, or it’s younger, more fashionable sibling Stara Zajedznia.

Couple this with all the quality and novel stag activities on offer, and it’s clear that here a ‘kracking’ stag do costs less!