If you fancy taking in some live music then there are a wide variety of live music venues in Krakow which can be visited. From jazz bars to intimate cafes with live acoustic music, there are a variety of venues to suit a wide range of tastes. In this blog we take a look at some of our favourite live music venues in Krakow.


Harris Piano Jazz Bar – Rynek Główny 28

This popular bar located on the Market Square is definitely worth a visit for any jazz fans. This downstairs jazz den located in one of the many basements on the square hosts live music every night and is a great place to kick back and relax with a few drinks and take in some live jazz tunes. Be warned though that this bar is not exactly on the large size, and seating is quite hard to find if you turn up without a reservation. Another bonus of this venue however is that they now serve food until midnight.


Alchemia – Estery 5

Alchemia is a bar which is extremely popular amongst locals and is always packed to the rafters, especially on the weekend. By day it is a place to sit and enjoy a beer or two as well as food, and then at night the basement room serves as a music venue where you can see some of the hottest local talent perform. The venue itself also has a unique rustic feel, decorated with a number of old furnishings and paintings, but in a tasteful way which can’t be considered pretentious. So whether you want to just stop by for a quick beer, or spend the evening there enjoying some live music in the basement on a weekend this is a great venue to visit during your stay in Krakow.


Hush Live – Św. Tomasza 11a

If you want to immerse yourself in some Polish culture then a trip to a proper Polish disco polo club is a must. Disco polo first became popular in the early 90s and is known as a staple at Polish weddings and village discos throughout the country. And whilst it is seen as ‘cheesy’ and few people will admit to being fans, venues such as hush will always be full up on the weekends, especially the ones with live music. With concerts every night, Hush is well worth the visit if you fancy something a bit different. Word of warning though, it’s best to be at least a bit tipsy to appreciate it more!

Awaria – Mikołajska 9

If you picture in your mind the typical ‘dive bar’, then you’re probably picturing something similar to Awaria. This charming dive bar just a stone’s throw away from the market square often has live music on the weekends with a wide variety of bands and solo performers playing here. Whilst it might not be the most comfortable venue in the world this place is good for those of you wanting to experience a proper local’s bar in Krakow.



Klub Kabaret – Krakowska 5

Rather than being a typical cellar style bar of which there are so many in Krakow, Klub Kabaret is a huge dance hall which has an old fashioned interwar style. There is a curtained stage at the front in the centre of the huge dance floor, with a balcony overlooking on each of the sides. Rather than just being a music venue this place is multifunctional, with concerts, burlesque, dance courses and theatre performances, this really is a unique place with a lot of charm which should definitely be near the top of any list of music venues in Krakow.