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Why a stag do is far better than a romantic gateway for 2 ?

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Obviously, to make such a comparison is like comparing chalk to cheese or Donald Trump’s tantrums to Barack Obama’s humour but each have their own charisma or importance. As for today’s more adventurous exceptions there is no way you would take your wife or fiancée on a Stag Do and, indeed, you would not take your unattached mate on a romantic weekend with you and your loved one although that said there have been examples of let’s say, crossovers from the traditional norms albeit quite sporadic. Guys will always go more for the Stag Do as it is appealing to men’s instincts of the drinking culture, raucous behaviour and adrenaline pumped activities that you get to do on a Stag Party Weekend, even so, an amorous and romantic tete a tete with the only girl you have eyes for requires a certain understanding and experience in life which some men just cannot totally grasp or see the significance of it when a Stag Do is on the horizon.


1. On a Stag Do the party kicks off with you being met by a glamourous rep in arrivals that escorts you to the Strip Party Bus complete with bars, music and dance poles plus the all action strip artists boarding on the way to your accommodation and giving a show while setting the scene on how the celebrations will go. On a romantic couples break a well-dressed chauffeur greets the in love couple and a smooth ride with champagne being sipped en route while viewing the passing scenery to hotel check in. Yep, there is a clear difference in mood created in comparison that’s why a Stag Do one ups the limo love ride, no contest.

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2. Staying with the romantics, the couple choose a restaurant with a warm and intimate atmosphere to share an evening of culinary delight accompanied with delicate wines and then a stroll in the town centre whilst savouring the sights and talking sweet nothings to take a nightcap in a cocktail bar. At the same time the Stag group having freshened up are experiencing a Guided Pub Crawl with free shots, crazy venues and a quick visit to a Strip Club. They then descend upon the restaurant where a Steak & Tits meal has been arranged. Tuck in to a massive steak, beer and vodka shots to then be part of or witness another hot strip show with extra strippers flaunting it about all over the place and following that your Guide for the evening takes you to a trendy dance club with reserved tables and more booze at the ready. As you stagger back to your accommodation the morning sun peaks and if you are lucky you may be able to grab an English Breakfast before finally laying your weary bones down for a kip. 2-Nil to the Stag Do versus Romantic Weekend.


3. Speaking of scores, on a Stag Do you can rally after a full on night to catch the live football matches being screened in the various pubs, some may miss the early match but manage to meet up for the later ones, now that is something you have to forfeit on a romantic weekend as your full attention is and must be on your better half, you are forced to follow the scores on your mobile while you visit the tenth shop in the mall. Yes, the evening before was very romantic and the intimacy in the hotel out of this world but the shopping expedition has drained your life force and you kindly insist on getting a cup of coffee somewhere to recover from the sleep inducing boredom of shopping. You ask her to get the coffee as you craftily offered to find a table in the meantime to keep track of the footie scores in peace without having to hide it. Meanwhile the Stag Party Boys are on their 5th pint and 2nd game, the big one. The jovial banter mixed with burgers and pizza, the evening’s entertainment is organised and your Guide has agreed to meet you at the football match venue on the final whistle to whisk you away to the All Star Fighter Strippers and Oil Wrestling & Vodka Tasting extravaganza. Strike 3!

krakow oil wrestling with sexy strippers

4. Stag Do hit a home run leaving the romantic couple in the dust of your heels. The show starts with platters of vodka drinking snacks with humorous backstories on vodka by the skilled barman before the entrance of the very bendy Fighter Strippers who grapple it out slip sliding away to what seems like every position mentioned in the Karma Sutra minus the bloke bit though. The 3rd and final round the stripper girls drag the The Stag in with them for a steamy, hot ‘n spicy round of attack moves on the Stag which will require a change of clothing for him after it. A top notch event that sets the night off in style and continues with bar crawls, lap dance and dance club entry with some late night food from the famous food trucks. Back to the rekindling the love of past years couple who opt for another intimate meal and another stroll along the river promenade to finish in a sushi bar for a midnight snack. 4-0 Stag Do leads the Romantic Break.


5. The next day the Stag group opt for the AK 47 Kalashnikov Shooting at a Krakow shooting range but after the Naughty Housemaid visited the Stag’s room and put on a stunning show of housework much to the lads amusement snapping photos of the groggy Stag who doesn’t or can’t believe his eyes at the antics of the early morning strip show prank. Meanwhile, the loving couple have ordered breakfast in the room but there is no milk for the tea, very annoying and sets their mood for the day visiting the museums and art galleries. That makes for a 5-0 lead for Stag Dos over Romantic Couple’s, there is no question in stating that a Stag Do is far better than a Romantic Getaway from a man’s perspective but as mentioned earlier the modern crossovers could become a trend in the future Stag Dos with men and women and Romantic breaks, well, I will leave something to your imagination.

Love is all you need.

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