When organizing a stag weekend abroad some people think that the best thing to do is to book services and stag do packages on their own as they feel that this will save them money. In most cases this is not true and it turns out it’s actually cheaper to book through a stag company such as Party Krakow. And it’s not just a fact of keeping the costs down either, there are a number of other reasons to book your stag weekend through a company.

  • First of all booking through a stag company will save you a lot of time. We have a lot of stag do ideas listed on our site including Krakow stag activities, Krakow stag packages and stag pranks. Here at Party Krakow we also have knowledgeable staff on hand to answer all your questions which saves you wasting time doing the research. What’s more is they’re all based in Krakow so have an excellent knowledge of the local area, as well as of all things stag.
  • As previously mentioned, the likelihood is you will also save money if you decide to book through a stag company. People often ask the question ‘how can it be a good deal for both me and the stag party organizer?’ The answer to this is simple; stag do companies can get the best prices. Put it this way, if you owned a service such as a go-kart track, would you give your best price to a group of guys who turn up once and you’ll never see again, or would you give a better price to the company who guarantee you hundreds of customers each year?
  • You won’t have any problem getting into bars and clubs. Despite Krakow being a generally stag friendly city there are still some places that are nervous about letting a group of all males in. With Party Krakow you’ll be provided with a Polish and English speaking guide who will make sure you gain entry to all the places you want!
  • Our pre-made stag do packages contain everything you need in one simple price. We have everything from all the essentials like transfer and accommodation through to fuller packages which include things like Partybus transfers, dinners and even oil wrestling. These packages can be particularly hand when dealing with a large group!
  • If you take a Krakow stag package then you’ll be provided with all the information and advice you need, as well as having access to our 24 hour advice line once you’re in Krakow. Whilst 99% of our groups have a hassle free time in Krakow, there are the occasional exceptions and Party Krakow is always on hand to help out.
  • Discounts are available! If you’re a large group and you’re taking a Krakow stag package then you’ll be entitled to free places for some of the group members, as well as additional discounts . Perfect!

So there you have a few reasons as to why Party Krakow can be a great help to you when organizing your stag weekend and booking stag do packages in Krakow. So what are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and give us a call!