Poland is one of the hottest up and coming vacation destinations for young people throughout the world and it is easy to see why. Amazing attractions: cities full of life, beautiful seaside, gorgeous mountains, awesome girls… And Krakow – Polish former  capital and actual capital of stags. Undeniable old World charm and a nightlife scene that is second to none make the city a destination that cannot be missed by partiers or adventure junkies of any age.

white water rafting

Non-Stop extreme Adventure for You

The list of activities you can try here is actually boundless. Let us bring you a few attractions of this place. You need adrenaline for real men? Try white water rafting or zorbing! Love winter sports? Highland fling is something you’re gonna love. If you want go to the whole hog, enjoy the whole night parties in Partybus and during lap-club, nightclub and pubs crawling  – bottoms up! And for boys who wanna have fun, there is no better activity than paintballing, off roading or ASG Dogs of War shooting.

Amazing Fun with Old World Charm

A traveller to Krakow will quickly notice how the city has masterfully blended the old with the new. The city has managed to keep all of its original charm and small town feel, while at the same time modernizing itself for the demands of today’s traveller. Krakow offers a great selection of bars, restaurants, coffee houses and more that will keep you fed and liquored up when you are not out in the centre of the action.

The Heart of the City

The vast majority of all activities are located or start from the centre of the city. The Old Town is the historic centre of the city and rivals some of the best Old Towns on the continent. Much like you find in Prague and Budapest, there are castles, churches, museums and more that make adventure holidays in Krakow the ones where you truly find things and have experiences that you simply cannot have elsewhere. Whether you visit the sites like Wawel Cathedral or Wawel Royal Castle or you just stop in to take a picture in the centre of Main Market Square, the Old Town cannot be missed and is the heart of all the action in Krakow.

Great nightlife and bars are found throughout the area and the best way to find out what is really popular is to follow the locals to the heart of the action. A guided tour from a local is also a great way to learn all of the stories and legends that surround the city and gives you a taste of just how friendly the Poles in Krakow are towards travellers.

The Hottest Match in Town

Football is the sport of choice in Krakow and is well worth a visit for any tourist that is looking for great adventure holidays. The city has two clubs that are wildly popular and consistently host matches that are sold out and crowds that rival the rowdiest ones found on the Continent.

Wisla Krakow

Photo: Michal via Flickr

Whether you decide to root for Wisla Krakow or Cracovia, you are sure to have an experience that you will never forget as the fans scream out in Polish for the exciting action that is taking place on the pitch. Plenty of alcohol is available at these matches and helps make the experience even more fun for you the fan.

Once the game ends, the party typically flows out to the Old Town where you can party the night away in one of Krakow’s many clubs.