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Oil Wrestling Krakow & Vodka Tasting

Quick overview
  • Exclusive downtown pub reservation
  • Two slippery, slithering battling beauties
  • 5 vodka shots per person served by a professional bartender during vodka tasting
  • a budget of 400 PLN to spend on the cash bar (nb.: a beer is 10 PLN)
  • Traditional Polish drinking snacks (pickles, herring, salmon etc…)
  • Lovely guide assistance
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Krakow Oil Wrestling for stags

“My Lords, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to tonight’s kracking prize fight between BBC world champion Ania and Krakow’s Anita! The winner will be decided by 3 falls, 2 submissions or a knockout…”

Perhaps the ultimate stag spectator sport, Oil Wrestling aka Balsamic Babes Combat is a betting man’s favourite. 2 nubile ladies step into the ring and fight it out wearing nothing but bikinis and a lot of baby oil! The final round is the true cherry on the top -  one of the spectators (highly recommended for the stag !) can join in and have a go at getting the girls fully naked, watched and cheered on by his beer-swigging mates. There is no doubt about the final result, however, the guy ends up as naked as the day he was born, making it one of our most fun stag ideas.

To make the show even better we’ve combined it with VODKA TASTING! Yes, that’s true- not only will you have a chance to watch 2 gorgeous Polish beauties fighting almost naked  but you will also have a chance to explore Polish culture… We mean drinking culture of course  - 5 different traditional Polish vodkas plus  drinking snacks and a bartender to make a brief introduction to each of the vodkas (history, origins, how it’s produced, Polish drinking habits, etc…) – this can’t be missed !

10 Facts you never knew about vodka

  1. Vodka is actually one of the purest drinks in the world.
  2. A litre of vodka doesn’t weigh 1kg as you’d expect, instead it only weighs 953 g
  3. Many people believe vodka doesn’t go bad if you leave it for a long time, however this is untrue and it’s recommended that you consume it within 12 months of its manufacturing date.
  4. Up until 1885, vodka was only sold in 12.3 litre buckets. Luckily, smaller bottles were introduced from this date onwards!
  5. While traditional vodka has exactly 38 percent alcohol, the European Union recognizes anything with more than 37.5 percent alcohol content as vodka. In the United States it has to be over 40 percent.
  6. Due to the high production and consumption of vodka in America, countries like Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, all Nordic and Baltic countries, Poland and areas of Slovakia and Hungary, these regions constitute the Vodka Belt!
  7. Vodka has many other uses other than for drinking. It can be used to clean razors, clean glasses and even to disinfect wounds!
  8. There is often argument over where vodka first came from. Russia claims to have invented it as does Poland.
  9. Vodka was apparently used to make gunpowder in Sweden in the 15th
  10. A number of flavoured vodkas are now available, with some of the best being cherry, ginger and chocolate.

5 facts you never knew about oil wrestling*

  1. Naked oil wrestling is due to make its Olympic debut in 2016.
  2. 1 minute of oil wrestling raises your heart rate 3x more than running 100 metres would.
  3. Oil wrestlers only have short careers due to the brutal nature of the sport. Common injuries include twisted nipples, bruised bums and permanent arousal.
  4. Professional female oil wrestlers in Poland earn on average twice as much as the men’s national football team.
  5. Oil Wrestling was invented in Poland in the early 1800s as a way to settle disputes over land between rival families.

*The facts presented here contain no evidence, but they are facts. They were certainly not invented by an unnamed member of Party Krakow staff during their 15 minute coffee break.

The less athletic stag party, going about its business, might wish to consider the idea of simply relaxing, in warm surroundings, and watching a brace of babes, embalmed with baby lotion, having a mock combat.

It’s interesting, but mud wrestling has long been a temple of eroticism reserved for the few. In Krakow, it’s fairly easy to attend a Balsamic Babes’ Clash, or BBC for short. But what is mud wrestling and what are its origins?

The simple definition of mud wrestling is a physical confrontation between 2 people liberally lubricated with mud or baby oil. The name of the game is “fun” and there is normally neither need nor intention to damage an opponent. Presumably due to the fact that embalming fluids are best applied to naked flesh (and a shit load easier to clean up afterwards), minimal clothing is worn. Hence the eroticism and appeal to a macho Krakow stag.

Typically, baby oil wrestling in Krakow takes place in a well heated and sensibly located venue with beer available to calm the spectator. It’s a social occasion and the sporting side is kept to a minimum, but it,s not unknown for stags to place bets on the winner of an exciting bout!

Not much is known about the precise origins of mud wrestling, but it possibly gained its first large scale airing  in the 1966 R Lee Frost pseudo-documentary Mondo Freudo. Then, in the 80, a Texan wrestling promoter organized an “Indian Dirt Contest” in a sand pit. The fortunate outcome of an excess of water in the sand pit led to the combatants being caked in mud and the genesis of mud wrestling.

Such is the popularity of the event, that the fun is now available in nightclubs and is even used at fund raising events. For the Krakow stag party members, however, this can only be described as a “fun raising” addition to their itineraries.

But the human mind is a wonderful thing and infinite human imagination has engendered many sub-species of mud wrestling. The lubricant variations now include gelatine, rice pudding and even the ubiquitous mashed potato! Sometimes, participants are expensively dressed in fine evening wear – great fun to see an expensive outfit buggered beyond redemption, but in Krakow, clothing requirements are minimal! And, yes, the hapless stag is pulled into the ring in the final round and has his genital strengths (or weaknesses) publicly displayed for his envious (or derisive) mates!

Oil wrestling is a traditional sport in Turkey where it is often practised in all-male groups. Our readers may be assured, however, that Krakow stag groups only get to see fit and attractive ladies, glowing with health and baby oil, entertaining people and having fun themselves. No sweaty jock staps and no hairy bums to ruin a good day!

This is a harmless bit of fun and risk free for the healthy spectator, although those with weak hearts should seek medical advice before watching a bout between two nubile ladies. The Krakow stag party can certainly relax with oil wrestling – the BBC has finally become erotic!

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