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Kracking Stag Dos For Kracking People Since 2006 !

Having a great stag do away from home depends equally on the people you take with you and the people who organise it for you.


We have been organising Krakow stag do and hen do weekends for groups wishing to celebrate their last night of freedom a bit further from home since 2006. What distinguished us from the other stag and hen operators is the fact that we have a locally based office, so you can feel safe and confident since you are always looked after during your party weekend in Krakow- whatever happens we are on the spot to help you. We also have great local knowledge which helps us in finding the best local people to work for us, and we use no middle man / other stag agency- you book directly which greatly affects the final price.

Top 5 Krakow Stag Do Activities

AK 47 Kalashnikov Shooting in Krakow - standard package
krakow stag do Kalashnikov shooting
AK 47 Kalashnikov Shooting in Krakow - standard package

Shooting has been one of the Krakow stags’ favourite activities for the last decade, and it comes as no surprise why. It is a true stress release therapy, and is not too demanding in terms of physical activity, which is important- especially after “the previous night out” . Plus what a fun it is to put your hands on real guns like the famous Soviet Kalashnikov, Glock, Uzi or the pump action shotgun !

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Strip Partybus airport pick up
krakow stag do strip PartyBus
Strip Partybus airport pick up

Another classic of Krakow stag weekends- the one and only Strip Partybus ! This vehicle is unique in Poland, and has also been proclaimed one of the fanciest party rides in the world. On board facilities feature a powerful Alpine car audio system, sub lit remotely controlled ceilings, a dancing pole, a dancing pole, 2 mini bars which you can stock with your alcohol (at no extra cost !) and comfortable seating for 30 people. A stripper is included in the price of Krakow Balice airport pick up, but remember you can add even a dozen of hot beauties on board- as long as the total group size of passengers is not surpassed ! A great stag do activity to add as an opener to your Krakow bachelor / party weekend !

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Oil Wrestling Krakow & Vodka Tasting
krakow stag do strippers wrestling in oil
Oil Wrestling Krakow & Vodka Tasting

Probably a quintessence of Krakow stag activities – you get to watch a fight of 2 extremely sexy local female dancers, who are nude and poured in baby oil. It’s a highly engaging sport- literally, as the stag or another group member can join the ladies in the final round. A true balsamic clash and eye candy ! Not to mention you also get a budget to spend on the bar, and an exclusive room reservation for the duration of the show in a downtown club.

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WWR White Water Rafting Krakow
krakow stag do white water rafting
WWR White Water Rafting Krakow

Although this stag do activity is seasonal, it is still of the Krakow stags’ choicest activities. And it’s really fun ! Krakow offers a great and professional rafting track (which is a part of Olympic Preparation Center) located some 30mins drive from the city center. There you will get a professional training, full safety equipment, neoprene suits, paddles, life vests and you will have a chance to blow away the cobwebs !

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Magic of Polish Vodka premium tasting experience
krakow stag do people in bar during vodka tasting experience
Magic of Polish Vodka premium tasting experience

Simply put “the vodka tasting experience like no other”. A combination of a themed magic show performed by a skilful illusionist , mixed with interesting facts about vodka and humour. Last but not the least you get to try the very best of Polish premium craft vodka- the Jakob Haberfeld vodka which is paired with extensive traditional Polish drinking snacks menu. In fact you can call “a cultural stag do experience” as vodka drinking culture is a part of Polish culture For many stag and hen groups vodka may seem inferior to whisky in terms of flavour especially since “corpo-distilleries” made it a product of average quality the most. But did you know that Polish vodka before the World War was considered a true gem and even Picasso called it “one of the greatest inventions of XX century ? Did you know it was Poles who invented vodka ?

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Things to do in Krakow

Krakow and its attractions
Krakow and its attractions

Krakow is now one of the most successful and interesting city destination in the world, and not only for stag do groups. It deserves its reputation on any ground – its spectacular mixture of Mediaeval, Renaissance, Baroque, Austro-Hungarian and Stalinist architecture presents a snapshot of history that exists in no other city. Known to be one of the most picturesque cities in Europe, it’s no surprise that over 14 million tourists visited it in 2019. A city which is brimming with history round every turn; Krakow was fortunate enough to survive the Second World War largely untouched which has resulting in the stunning buildings and monuments that are still standing today. The main attraction in Krakow is the Market Square which is the largest in Europe and the epicentre of everything that happens in the city.

Krakow Nightlife
Krakow Nightlife

Krakow nightlife is known to be one of the best in Europe with a huge range of venues meaning a great night out. The city is also compact- this means that almost anything you would need to have good fun is located around the Old Town, like : clubs, restaurants, strip clubs. Rumours say that there are over 400 bars and clubs around the centre - we haven’t counted them, but you one thing is sure- during your stag do weekend you will not even cover a fraction of them. With best party venues being located around Krakow Main Market and Kazimierz district there is no real need to take a cab if you've booked a central stag friendly accommodation, as all you could possibly want during your Krakow stag do is usually within 5 to max. 15 min walk from you. That said, bearing in mind the number of bars and clubs, taking a Krakow pub crawl is a great idea.

Drinking in Krakow
Drinking in Krakow

Drinking is part of the normal Polish way of life and booze is available pretty much anywhere. Bars are open, usually till the last customer leaves but most never seem to close in high season. That said, when they are closed, most stag do groups are examining the inside of their eyelids in the land of nod! The most common drinks, and the cheapest, are beer and vodka. The beers are some of the best in the world and quite strong. Normal beers here are of the lager type and the weakest about as strong as Stella Artois. So beware!

Prices, depending where you swig, are about 10 PLN (2 GBP) for a pint of one of the many Polish beers.

Vodka here is the very best and has many different flavours. It is generally pretty cheap but also very strong. Prices depend on where you are drinking, but most places charge around 5 PLN (1 GBP) for 40 ml (a big one!)

Food in Krakow
Food in Krakow

Food in Poland is so deeply embedded in its traditions that no Polish person, on fear of losing face, will let you go hungry. The Poles have a phrase which describes their duties to their lucky guests: “A guest in my house is like God in my house”. This tradition has not been missed by the people who run our restaurants and you do get well and truly fed and watered.

Restaurants here base themselves on two schools of thought. The first is the type of cuisine and the second the volume. The restaurants that we have deals with are user friendly in that the meals they serve do not prevent you from the evening activities. Meals are very well prepared and served and the tastes and flavours are recommended. So they are good, wholesome but not bloating.

Cultural side of Krakow
Cultural side of Krakow

Of course there is much more to see if you wander away from the centre such as the spectacular Wawel Castle of the famous Jewish District where the Schindler’s list was filmed. With a number of monuments, museums and spacious parks it’s no wonder the city is so popular amongst visitors. And it is of course close to the Unesco listed Wieliczka salt mine, and the infamous Auschwitz concentration camp which may not fit in with the usual stag do activities, but it’s still something many people think they should see whilst based so close to it.


On average prices in Poland are two/ three times cheaper than UK prices. For what you would spend on one night out in London you can spend three days and nights full of entertainment in Krakow. For example, a pint in a good pub costs about 2 GBP, a pack of Marlboro is also about 3 GBP and a two course meal in a high street restaurant is normally about 10 GBP (lunch menu is even cheaper). A cab rode between Krakow Market Square and Kazimierz district is about 12-15 PLN (roughly 3 GBP) depending on the taxi company.  A cab from the Krakow Balice airport to the city center is  90 PLN.

Polish National Bank issues coins of 1 grosz, 2 grosz, 5 grosz, 10 grosz, 20 grosz, 50 grosz, 1 Zloty, 2 Zlotys, 5 Zlotys. The banknotes are 10 Zlotys, 20 Zlotys, 50 Zlotys, 100 Zlotys, 200 Zlotys and 500 Zlotys (the highest nominal). 

Money exchange can be easily done on the spot in Krakow in money exchange offices called locally "kantor". Most of them don't charge any provision and offer good rates (especially "kantors" in Slawkowska street). However it's not the case if you bring Scottish or Irish notes or coins with you- in such case you will be offered usually at least 20% less - so make sure to take only English Sterlings with you.

Local Authority in Krakow Stag Dos Since 2006

Let us take the stress of organisation off you -your own in situ dedicated party advisor and PartyKrakow’s years of experience & great feedback mean you are free to enjoy your Stag, Hen or simply Party Weekend to the max !

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We are on the spot in Krakow to help you – 24/7 destination support

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Local Authority in Krakow Stag Dos Since 2006
krakow stag do busty but slim ladies

PARTYPEDIA - your guide to a perfect Krakow stag do weekend !

Enter this section to find out more about Krakow pub crawl and nightlife, dining in Krakow, stag do activities, festivals & culture in Krakow. Get first hand advice on organising a flawless Krakow stag or hen do. Find stag do ideas to implement during your party weekend here.



Our Story - Krakow is our home

We can proudly say we have been one of the pioneers of Krakow Stag and   Hen Do organisers since 2006. Also as one of the very few non UK based operators we have been continuously and successfully competing with the   industry’s biggest operators. We are experts in organising Krakow stag do or as some prefer to call it Krakow bachelor weekends or Krakow buck's   partyEach year we serve hundreds happy stag do groups - not only but mostly from the United Kingdom. 

PartyKrakow is also a division of FunTime travel agency, which specialises in   organising sports tours to Poland. We are passionate about sportsand fun activities we organise, but serious about the quality of services we   deliver. By 2009 we built the very first luxurious party-limo bus in Poland, which operates in Krakow and which is one of the top Krakow attractions for   stag do groups visiting this city. In 2016 we started the famous Krakow Rugby Festival, aka the KRF, aka Kracking Rugby Fest.! 


Key to success ?

  1. Friendly booking terms - we don’t require full payment upfront and our cancellation fees are narrowed to the absolute minimum, meaning that in the worst case scenario we will only detain your 33% deposit.
  2. Expert local knowledge & personal approach - you get first hand info on Krakow from people who live here and love this city. We know which stag activity suppliers do the best job and whom to turn to get you the best possible deal. Plus we are always available on the spot to help and assist you with any troubles, be it a lost wallet or an unfortunate visit to the drunk tank. When in Krakow you can always come and meet in person the people you’ve been dealing with on the phone. As local experts we have been frequently featured in the media, you might have seen us on the Boozed up Brits Abroad show (Krakow episode) or read interviews about us in the Telegraph or the Guardian.
  3. Better value for money - our prices are far more attractive compared to the prices of UK based stag and hen weekend organisers. How is this possible? There are no sub-agencies or ground agents who outsource or use us as a 3rd party- we do all the arrangements personally and pass the savings onto you.
  4. Simply great customer feedback - we are extremely pleased to say that most of our business comes from recommendations. We take great pride in this and have seen it continuing since the very beginning of Party Krakow.