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Quick overview
  • Roundtrip transfers
  • Snowmobile rental
  • English speaking instructors plus all safety equipment supplied
  • Lovely guide assistance
  • Beers afterwards
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A great way to prepare for a chilled out evening is to brave the ice and snow on a vehicle made for the job. These fantastic little 2 man motorised mechanical (maniacal) skis can go almost anywhere and provide the ideal cure for the hangover. They also go like stink!

In one of the more extreme stag do activities, our stag gets to ride a snowmobile in tandem with one of his mates for an hour in the beautiful scenery, with each of them taking the helm for 30-35 minutes. The jaunt takes you through fantastic countryside and the exhilaration is something that is never forgotten.


  • Warm clothes are essential or you can rent a snow suit for approx. 6 GBP/ 8 Euro per person
  • Take your driver licence with you- otherwise you can only enjoy snowmobiling from the backseat as a passenger
  • If there is no snow, there is no snowmobiling ! In such case we will offer you a refund or a substitution for another activity. However if  you want to make sure there is always enough snow then please consider booking the Highland Flying package which takes place in Tatra Mountains (2h way from Krakow). The snowmobiling in Krakow takes place in nearby beautiful highland area but it’s not real mountains and snow melts much faster here !

Tittle-tattle about Snowmobiling

  • A snowmobile is a vehicle designed for travelling over snow and ice and they do not require a particular trail or road. They do not have any enclosures, except for a windshield, and their engine normally drives on a continuous track or tracks at the rear. Directional control is provided by skis at the front and most snowmobiles can accommodate two people.
  • They were originally popular amongst hunters and people working out in remote areas in winter due to their ability to travel through even the most extreme of weathers.
  • Snowmobiling in the modern day is a very popular sport with a number of competitions taking place each year. One of the most famous races is the Iron Dog which is also the longest competition and takes place over 1971 miles (3172 km). Another big race is the International 500 which is held annually in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan. It is a 500-mile (800 km) race on a track, with the current purse being in excess of $40,000.00 USD. It has been running since February 1969.
  • Pope John Paul II was known to be a keen skier, and he even tried his hand at snowmobiling!
  • Snowmobiles have been used in a number of action films over the years, most notably a few times by Mr James Bond himself! We recommend a few lessons first if you want to fly over the slopes like Bond though!

The adventurous guy, particularly of the type that books his Krakow stag party during the low season, not only misses out on the crowds but also gets to try some of our winter activities. These do not include building snowmen and snowballing but they do include snowmobiling.

‘So what and why is a snow mobile?’ asks the smart stag.

A snowmobile is a vehicle designed to operate on snow and ice and also gives the rider an amazing rush! It runs freely on deep snow or frozen lakes or in forests – the one thing they don’t need is a road. So the merry stag need not worry too much about rules and regulations or speed traps!

The machines were originally designed as something like a go anywhere utility vehicle for the hard working men of the arctic, but today they are also presented as fun machines. A bit like a quad bike but with a load more zing! Nowadays they are even adapted for drag racing on grass or bitumen and even water. The light weight and powerful engines mean that some can out drag high performance cars in the 0 – 60 sprint and hit a top speed of 150mph.




Snowmobile performance has increased dramatically since their invention and especially in the last 15 years. The first vehicles had as little as 5bhp but in the 90s, the largest engines (600-650cc) developed around 150bhp. And today, with engine sizes of 1000cc and more, 180bhp is possible.

More power is theoretically possible, but impractical due to the lack of traction. Drivers use their body weight in much the same way as go-karters and are able to move across steep hillsides without sliding downwards. So the Krakow stag will have his hands full as he sets off on his jaunt into the Polish mountain wilderness.




These lovely and lively machines are incredible fun but can be a bit of a handful for the novice. But our Krakow stag party members are given full instruction, safety gear and a guide that you follow. Don’t try to overtake him – you might get lost!

Proper clothing is vital not only for comfort but for safety as well. Prepare properly with layered clothing – underwear, warm shirt, woolens and good jacket, trousers and boots. You lose 70% of body heat through your head so keep it well covered. Long Johns might contribute to a sweaty crutch, but sticky balls are better than no balls! We don’t want to have to write to a wife or girlfriend to explain why the man in her life has returned from his Krakow stag party with a gap in his trousers and a high-pitched voice!

As with all vehicles, remember that they are powerful tools for the sensible user but dangerous weapons when in the wrong hands. Do listen to the instructor and don’t take risks with your own safety or that of your passenger. And make sure that you arrive sober – there will be plenty of time to celebrate later. And celebrate you will at the end of a memorable hour in the Tatra mountains on fast and furious fun machines!

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How to a Book

We don’t mean to brag, but we probably have the market’s friendliest booking conditions:

  1. Plan your perfect stag or hen weekend in Krakow- choose from over 70 stag and hen activities or packages to build your enquiry. Give us a call or contact us by email with your enquiry – once you’re ready to confirm all you’ll need to do to secure your weekend is to pay an initial deposit, which is a…
  2. Low deposit - only 50 GBP to secure your booking for the whole group
  3. Final payment = freedom of choice
    You can either only pay the final deposit of 20 GBP/pp and the rest on the spot when you safely arrive in Krakow and are met by our Rep, or you can pay the full amount upfront to our Revolut or Transferwise or Paypal business account - just let us know which option suits your needs better. In either case the final deposit or down payment, as well as the final numbers are required as late as 14 days before for activity only bookings, or 28 days before for accommodation bookings
  4. Late final numbers = you have plenty of time to organise your group and collect the money from the participants
    Final numbers are required as late as 14 days before for activity only bookings, or 28 days before for accommodation bookings
  5. Cancellations or no show ups on arrival ? Worry not !
    Simply the amount of deposit paid is the only cost of cancellation. And if you have paid in full before arrival, and some members dropped out at the last minute you can either use their services in full, or let us know till your arrival and we will cancel their services and offer you a prepaid drink voucher of even amount to one of the coolest bars in Krakow. In either way no money is forfeit !


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