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axe throwing krakow

Feeling a bit like a big, bearded lumberjack ? Well, you can't miss this activity in such case ! You will be throwing ax

Bubble Football Krakow

A lot of people love a good game of football, however here at Party Krakow we offer the chance to have a kick about with

Football 5-aside in Krakow

You gather the lads, we provide transfers, modern pitch (indoor or outdoor), football, changing rooms and sodas during t

Cracovia and Wisla Krakow match tickets

In Krakow there are 2 Ekstraklasa football teams (Polish equivalent of English Premier League): Wisła Krakow

Football 11-aside in Krakow

If you fancy a game against a local opponent then look no further then here- PartyKrakow will organise it for

Rugby in Krakow 15 Aside

Although Poland is not a major player on the rugby map of the world, Krakow can actually boast having one of v