Polish apples became recently very popular. It’s absolutely understandable. They taste good and you can be sure that you won’t find anything unwanted in them. Just pure nature. Polish people make many different dishes and drinks from apples. Today we’ll focus on apple alcohol, and it won’t be cider.

Have you ever tried okowita?


Okowita – Polish version of latin aqua vitae which means water of life, old name of strong vodka in Poland. Formerly okowita was made of potatoes or grain, with time – also of fruits like apples and pears. It’s not a secret that this great alcohol for real men was always Polish Highlanders’ favourite drink. Just watch it:

Nowadays you can buy all sorts of apple okowita. Here are examples:

Strykover Apple Vodka


It’s kosher and pure, 38% alcohol.

Jabłkowica Łącka


Tough name for foreigners. It’s really strong – 50% alcohol.

I’m sure You will find those (and not only those) alcohols in Krakow at Krakow Stag Night


P.S. And of course you know who gets angry when you’re eating Polish apples or drinking apple okowita 🙂