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Beauty & the Beast Stag Prank

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  • There are 2 girls involved in the show- a really good looking one and the other weighing 90-100kg (approx. 200 Ib’s)
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Have you ever seen Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” ? Well how about playing one – with Fat Bertha aka Fat & Frumpy as the beast, the other girl will be the beauty and poor stag will be the Prince Charming !

This is one of our original stag do pranks and you can add this show pretty much anywhere (Partybus, Stag Dinner, apartments) as long as there is room for privacy so passer-by don’t go blind when seeing Fat Bertha in action.  Imagine the amusement on the stag’s face when he sees a gorgeous brunette or blonde approach him, slowly removing her clothes to the rhythm of the music, before handcuffing him to a rail and eventually blindfolding him… once she does this she doesn’t stop and although he can’t see now, he can feel she is undressing him… The point is that it’s no longer her  – it’s her fat and frumpy friend !

The perfect twist to a Krakow stag weekend- make sure you book it to make the weekend one to remember !

Completely useless information for stags

  • The world’s fattest pole dancer lives in America (surprise surprise), and weighs a seat breaking 300 lbs. Despite her large frame, the unnamed woman says she has a lot more moves on the pole than her more slender colleagues.
  • As well as roly-poly strippers, there are a number of unusual strippers available for hire in the UK. Some of them include dwarf strippers, granny strippers and drag queens. Whilst we currently only have hot strippers and Bertha, please watch this space as we’re always on the look-out for new talent…
  • Whilst doing the research for this article we came across many weird and wonderful things, but perhaps the most disturbing was a company in New Zealand offering a ‘bondage granny stripper’ who comes equipped with a ‘box of tricks and toys’. Truly horrible…
  • One particular bar in Krakow has created a drink in honour of our very own Bertha called a ‘Bouncy Big Girl’. The drink consists of a spicy Bloody Mary garnished with bacon.*

*May not actually be true.

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We don’t mean to brag, but we probably have the market’s friendliest booking conditions:

  1. Plan your perfect stag or hen weekend in Krakow- choose from over 70 stag and hen activities or packages to build your enquiry. Give us a call or contact us by email with your enquiry – once you’re ready to confirm all you’ll need to do to secure your weekend is to pay an initial deposit, which is a…
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    Simply the amount of deposit paid is the only cost of cancellation. And if you have paid in full before arrival, and some members dropped out at the last minute you can either use their services in full, or let us know till your arrival and we will cancel their services and offer you a prepaid drink voucher of even amount to one of the coolest bars in Krakow. In either way no money is forfeit !


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