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WWR White Water Rafting Krakow

Quick overview
  • Roundtrip transfers
  • English speaking instructors and safety equipment
  • 2h rafting on a professional rafting track
  • Lovely guide assistance
  • Longjohn suits on cold days
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Looking for one of the more challenging stag do activities? Looking for something a bit sporty to do on your stag do which is going to break you out in a sweat? Then rafting is a must-do stag activity for those of you looking to get the adrenaline flowing on what will be an unforgettable experience.

The activity takes place either at the Krakow Olympic Center which is the one of only 3 such purpose built WWR venues in the whole Europe or at the Pieniny Mountains on Dunajec river which is famous for its spectacular landscapes.

We provide full supervision from English speaking instructors, as well as full safety equipment and wet suits for when the water is ‘not so warm’. Remember, the more suds, the more difficult to overcome the course, but it also means more adrenaline which is of course why you go rafting in the first place! The measure of success is not getting to the end dry, but more in getting to the end soaked and happy.


For the uninitiated stag party member, whitewater rafting is a challenging, adrenalin-raising activity to clear the cobwebs after a heavy night out on the town. All that comes between a weekend reveller’s arse and a good soaking is a good quality inflatable raft and a bit of determination!

This activity became known in the 70s and is increasingly popular with stag party groups. The modern raft is quite a sturdy and well designed piece of kit, consisting of numerous layers of extremely tough rubberized fabric. Independent air chambers are incorporated in a boat between 11 and 20 ft long, by 6 to 8 ft wide. And this is the stag party’s chariot for thrills! They normally carry groups of between 4 and 12 members.

In Krakow, the stag party can look forward to 2 versions of white water rafting. The first is held on the Dunajec river in the Pieniny mountains. This glorious river, forming part of the border between southern Poland and Slovakia, is one of the region’s many spectacular natural resources. The scenery is simply stunning and the unpolluted water some of the best in Europe. If you imagine the River Wye between England and Wales, and then put it into alpine scenery with huge mountains as a backdrop, you can see the Dunajec.

It’s quite a way from Krakow, but good party organizers treat the journey as part of the day out. It’s a 6 hour stag party event with around 2 hours on the water and 2 hours is sufficient for anybody! Beer is provided on the return journey only, since, as in any other stag activity, alcohol is not recommended as a breakfast ingredient!

The alternative is the Olympic centre just 30 minutes away from the centre. It lacks the splendour of the mountain scenery, but it’s one of only three purpose built centres for this sport.

Either alternative provides great entertainment and it all comes down to how much time the guys have on their stag party schedules. The shorter version, in Krakow, provides all the buzz required, but the Dunajec version, with the leisurely journey, combines thrills with beauty and some relaxation.

So what is whitewater rafting all about and how much fun is it? There are 6 grades, ranging from something your grandmother would enjoy to an activity that is so dangerous that your life insurance premiums would go off the scale if properly reported to your insurers. But don’t worry – the Krakow stag party is something to be remembered for fun and excitement, not multiple mortality rates!


Here are the grades:


  • Small rough areas requiring minimal skill
  • More rough water, possibly some rocks, requiring basic skills with a paddle
  • Whitewater with small waves, possibly a drop, but not regarded as dangerous. This requires more advanced skill with the paddle
  • Whitewater with medium waves, some large rocks and a larger drop. You might lose your breakfast on this one and skill levels need to be pretty advanced
  • Whitewater with large waves, even larger rocks and hazards with the possibility of an even larger drop. The inexperienced will lose their breakfast on this one and that is why they are not permitted to try it. Skill level: Advanced Whitewater Experience.
  • Don’t ask! This is for the super-talented or suicidally insane and chances of survival are extremely limited without a great deal of luck


So there you have the grades relating to whitewater rafting. But don’t worry, the Krakow stag party rafter will never be subjected to the more extreme levels of this sport.


As always, apply the following bits of common sense:


  • Arrive sober
  • Listen carefully to the advice given at the briefing given by the qualified instructor
  • Use all safety equipment provided
  • Don’t move around unnecessarily
  • Never endanger your mates in any way and never even threaten to push somebody overboard, even as a joke
  • Stay “onboard” and don’t “upset the boat”


Whitewater rafting is fun and increasingly popular among stag party groups in Krakow. It’s handled professionally by professionals and the amateur should feel safe in their hands. Whether the choice is in the Dunajec region or locally in Krakow, the thrills are there for all to enjoy and remember. 

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