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AK 47 Kalashnikov Shooting in Krakow - standard package

Quick overview
  • Roundtrip transfers
  • Gun hire
  • 55 rounds total (15 x Glock, 10 x AK47 Kalashnikow, 5 x Revolver 38 Special, 20 x “Polish Uzi” or another machine gun,  5 x Pump Action Shotgun)
  • English speaking instructor
  • Lovely guide assistance
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Do you want to shoot firearms that were some of the most powerful weapons available in the second half of the twentieth century?There is one thing all real man have in common- they love shooting guns! And we don’t mean any patsy replicas but the really heavy, fat guns like the famous soviet AK47 Kalashnikov, Uzi and the Pump action shotgun.All of the above are provided if you choose to have your Kalashnikov shooting in Krakow organised by us. The activity takes place at the best Krakow shooting range with experienced English speaking instructors taking care of you. 

What is the Kalashnikov?

The original Kalashnikov rifle was invented in 1947 by, doctor of technical sciences and builder of small arms – Mikhail Kalashnikov. The initial AK-47 (Avtomat Kalashnikova model 1947) improved the AKM (Avtomat Kalashnikova Modernizirovanniy), both using 7.62×39 mm ammunition, arc magazine – 30 rounds.Specifications:Length – 870 mm (including the butt)875/645 mm – (with the stock folded)Barrel length – 415 mmThe aiming line length – 378 mm. Weapon Weight – 3.8 kg (with empty magazine) and 4.3 kg (loaded).The weapon is extremely durable, reliable and resistant to dirt. It is also easy to use and cheap to produce, making it ideal for mass production and the use of even poorly trained troops.The popular “Kalash” found a place in the Guinness Book of Records as the most common weapon in the world. Currently there are 100 million units of this rifle in use.In 2013, the AK47 was still equipped by armies in 106 countries worldwide.According to estimates, the AK-47 has killed more people in history than any other gun in the world.The Kalashnikov rifle is also a popular weapon present in pop culture. You can see it in many movies and video games. In many countries this rifle has been used as a primary weapon of war, and has actually become a positive symbol. It can be found on the coat of arms and the flag of Mozambique, Burkina Faso Coat (years 1984-1997) and the Hezbollah flag. Are you ready to give shooting in Krakow a chance and get your hands on the famous Kalashnikov?


More info on the guns you will be trying if you book your shooting experience with us

The Uzi (or its Polish equivallent “Glauberyt”) is a famous weapon of Israeli design and production that has earned its place in the history of submachine guns. Is has similar effectiveness to the AK47 but is a bit smaller due to its shorter barrel length. The Uzi is as deadly as its Russian cousin and, yes, the Krakow stag can get to fire both at the same venue!
Here are some facts:

  • Length: 470 – 650 mm, depending on stock configuration

  • Barrel: 260 mm
Weight: 3.5 kg

  • Ammunition: 9 x 19mm Parabellum cartridge
Firing rate: 600 rounds per second

  • Muzzle velocity: 400 m/s

  • Range (effective): 120m
Maximum range: 200m

For the technically minded stag, the gun is of an open bolt, blow back design, a bit like James Bond’s Walther PPK. So when the gun is fired, the breech opens and out pops the empty cartridge. This has the great benefit of assisting cooling during extended firing, but also allows the entry of sand, dust and other unwanted materials. Hence the gun needs regular cleaning to avoid potentially embarrassing jamming.
The Uzi was one of the first guns to use a telescoping bolt. In this design, the barrel is housed a long way back into the main body of the gun, allowing the magazine to be housed in the pistol grip and keeps the barrel length down.

The Krakow stag party Rambo also gets to fire such interesting items as the Austrian Glock pistol.

Despite having a largely polymer construction, they have proved so reliable that 65% of all US police guns are Glocks.
The Austrian authorities decided upon replacing their existing Walther police and military hand guns and issued a set of criteria for would be designers. These included:

  • The gun should be automatically loading

  • The gun should fire the Parabellum 9x19mm cartridge

  • The magazine capacity should be at least 8 rounds

  • All operations needed had to be easily done using just one hand

  • It should be safe from accidental discharge when dropped from a height of 2m

  • The whole thing had to be capable of disassembly without tools

  • Likewise maintenance and cleaning

  • There should be a maximum of 58 components
  • It had to be capable of firing 15,000 rounds without wear and tear

  • There should be no risk of injury through spent cartridge ejection

So the pistol had to be not just good, but extremely good. And it is!
It is a 9mm short recoil semi-automatic and one of those where the barrel moves back a little when fired. But the really interesting stuff is that the frame, magazine body and several other critical elements are composed of a high impact nylon – based polymer. Or plastic! This is to resist chemical corrosion and the kind of trouble caused by extreme temperatures. It also has a hexagonal bore to the barrel. But whatever the technical attributes, this is one of the best pistols around and great gun for the Krakow stag party lad.

So what about our Krakow stag and the pump action shotgun (or Mossberg as it’s actually called) ?

When you fire a traditional shotgun, whether double or single barreled, you need to ready for the BANG of the discharge, the WHOOSH of the lead balls leaving the barrel under considerable pressure and the almighty great thump in the shoulder the recoil delivers. It’s great fun and has a kind of masculinity to it. But the downside is that every time you have fired off the cartridges, you need to break the barrel and shove two fresh cartridges into the breech.
The pump action variant dispenses with this particular hassle by having a tube magazine below the single barrel. You discharge a round then chamber the next by pulling the pump handle towards you and then pushing it back. As you do this, the gun automatically ejects the spent cartridge.

So there you have 4 of the most popular guns that you can fire at your stag party in Krakow. And very nice they are too.

Regarding safety tips, there are just a few when firing at a supervised range:

Arrive clear headed

  • Listen to the advice offered by the instructor

  • Ask questions about anything you are unsure of

  • Never play with a gun whether loaded, unloaded or non-functioning replica

  • Never point the gun at anything other than the proper shooting range target

  • Avoid alcohol and drugs before shooting. Accidents are avoidable but consequences often regrettable

So please feel confident about the great caliber of weaponry you will be offered as a stag party member in Krakow shooting ranges. Have fun and stay safe.


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