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ASG Krakow – Dogs of War

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  • Roundtrip transfers
  • 1200 bullets
  • Guns and safety overalls provided
  • English speaking instructors
  • Lovely guide assistance
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Nice toys for big boys! Airsoft shooting is a bit like paintball but feels more real. You get the use of exact replicas of AEG or AK47, M-16, G-36 and others and are divided into teams that shoot the living crap out of each other with plastic balls that sting when they hit the spot! The BB battleground allows trench fighting and urban warfare on one site. To make it feel even more realistic each of you get a hand smoke grenade so your combat feels almost like in a real battlefield… not to mention that the abandoned factory is equipped with an audio system which plays battlefield sounds from “Black Hawk Down” during your game.

The activity comes highly recommended and the venue has even been appreciated by the Polish S.W.A.T team (called SPAT in Poland) who used to train there!

Tille- tattle

Airsoft vs Paintball

Airsoft and paintball are very similar sports, however they seem to attract rather different crowds. It seems that paintball attracts more people who are interested in extreme sports whilst airsoft seems to be more about tactics and working in a team. Here are some differences between the two:

  • Pain: Whilst people who play paintball often say that ASG is for wimps as it doesn’t hurt as much, this simply isn’t true. Whilst ASG bullets penetrate a smaller area than paintballs they can still hurt, with bruises, welts and blood blisters not uncommon.
  • Fitness: Another debate between the two is how much physical effort they require. Some people say ASG is easier, however in a lot of cases it actually takes more stamina as the games are longer.
  • Taking a hit: One thing which people mention about Airsoft is that it’s easy to cheat as there are no tell-tale signs like a paint splatter to show that you’ve been hit. Although potentially this could be a problem, if you have a bit of trust amongst the people you’re playing with then it’s not a problem.
  • Location: Whilst both of them are played in similar locations, our opinion is that perhaps our Airsoft venue is slightly more realistic.

Airsoft Guns for the Krakow Stag Party

Airsoft guns are detailed replicas of the real thing and are a great alternative to paintball. The guns are normally powered by compressed gas or spring mechanism with muzzle velocities of between 30 to 60m/s (100 to 850 ft/s), thus giving stag party members the opportunity to create a stinging reply to a previous night’s injustice!

Whilst the sport is safe, proper care must be exercised and guys below the age of 18 are normally excluded. Only plastic balls are used in Krakow because metallic alternatives can penetrate the skin – not a good idea on a stag party in Krakow or anywhere else – and all players must use protective kit.

The idea started in Japan where gun ownership is illegal but interest is high. So manufacturers set out to produce replicas which look like the real thing but that do not attract the attention of the law. They started off as BB guns powered by springs but later developed into more sophisticated (and expensive) machines powered by compressed gas and later electric motors. Today, there are many extremely cheap Chinese versions available whose long term reliability seems to be questionable. It seems that the more powerful the spring, the less service the gun will deliver over time. One great advantage of the spring operated gun, however, is that it can be used in all conditions and is not affected by extremes of temperature and the need to charge batteries.

Electric powered guns use a battery to power an internal spring mechanism that gives a muzzle velocity of up to 500 ft/s and a firing rate of between 100 and 3000 balls per minute. Fancy returning the stag to his wife with a pepper pot design on his arse? This is the tool of choice for the potential Krakow stag do terrorist and the most popular guns are the M16, Heckler and Hoch MP5, AK47 and Springfield M14. Metal bodies and detailed finishes give these guns an authentic feel.

There are now replicas of many different models including automatic pistols, sub-machine guns and pump action shotguns. So the Krakow stag party can include a stag mini-war to get the adrenalin flowing and clear the head after a night on the town.

Many guns come with different sight options. These include red dot for shooting your nearest neighbours and telescopic sights for rifles. Another option, but expensive, is the collimater sight which adjusts for the fact that most stag reveller?s eyes are on different sides of the face. The device allows extremely accurate shooting with both eyes open.

Magazines vary from gun to gun. Automatic pistols have circular holders of 8 -10 rounds that fit into a recess behind the barrel though many have a realistic magazine that fits into the handle and hold around 70 balls. Another type, of medium capacity holds between 100 and 200, whilst the highest capacity types contain up to 1000.


Safety First:


  • Wear goggles or mask at all times, preferably a comfortable full head version. The Krakow stag party member might not feel cool like this, but neither do his mates. Shades may make you look like Arnie Schwarzenegger but don’t take risks
  • Wear something over your whole body including arms and legs. The balls won’t kill you, but they might leave a bruise
  • Avoid physical contact with other players – this is not rugby so leave the spear tackles for your local club games
  • Keep to the distance recommended by the organizers. If this is 5 metres, then don’t shoot within that distance. You want to win the game but you wouldn?t be popular if you hit a mate in the face with a plastic ball
  • Never shoot a player who has surrendered
  • Don’t drink before you shoot – that is just asking for trouble
  • Keep you gun on safety unless you are prepared to shoot. A close range accident could be a painful reminder or this rule
  • Never leave your gun unattended


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How to a Book

We don’t mean to brag, but we probably have the market’s friendliest booking conditions:

  1. Plan your perfect stag or hen weekend in Krakow- choose from over 70 stag and hen activities or packages to build your enquiry. Give us a call or contact us by email with your enquiry – once you’re ready to confirm all you’ll need to do to secure your weekend is to pay an initial deposit, which is a…
  2. Low deposit - only 50 GBP to secure your booking for the whole group
  3. Final payment = freedom of choice
    You can either only pay the final deposit of 20 GBP/pp and the rest on the spot when you safely arrive in Krakow and are met by our Rep, or you can pay the full amount upfront to our Revolut or Transferwise or Paypal business account - just let us know which option suits your needs better. In either case the final deposit or down payment, as well as the final numbers are required as late as 14 days before for activity only bookings, or 28 days before for accommodation bookings
  4. Late final numbers = you have plenty of time to organise your group and collect the money from the participants
    Final numbers are required as late as 14 days before for activity only bookings, or 28 days before for accommodation bookings
  5. Cancellations or no show ups on arrival ? Worry not !
    Simply the amount of deposit paid is the only cost of cancellation. And if you have paid in full before arrival, and some members dropped out at the last minute you can either use their services in full, or let us know till your arrival and we will cancel their services and offer you a prepaid drink voucher of even amount to one of the coolest bars in Krakow. In either way no money is forfeit !


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