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Clay Pigeon Shooting

Quick overview
  • Roundtrip transfers
  • Gun hire
  • 20 cartridges and 20 clays
  • English speaking instructor
  • Lovely guide assistance
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Clay Pigeon Shooting

How about doubling the clay pigeons to 20 ?  For a ‘fiver’ more or less you can show off shooting skills to the max ! After a few rounds you have got the timing and technique co-ordinated and when you shout PULL that shotgun is tight to your shoulder, your feet planted firmly & BAM, BAM, there you have it.  2 clouds of dust falling and a supreme sense of achievement fills you. Yep, go for this one as it’s an unusually cool activity.


Interesting information about clay pigeon shooting

  • The activity gets its name from times past when competitive shooting used to use live pigeons as the targets. Although this was banned in 1921, a lot of the terminology remains the same. The target is still called a ‘bird’, a hit is referred to as a ‘kill’, a missed target is known as ‘bird away’ and the machine which fires the targets is still called a ‘trap’.
  • There is a dress code in place for those taking part in competitive clay pigeon shooting, mainly consisting of tweed! Competitors should wear a tweed flat cap, a green or brown check shirt, a tie and often a three piece matching suit.
  • The targets you will be shooting are made from a mix of lime and pitch. It is the petroleum in the pitch which gives off a satisfying black ‘puff’ when you hit a target.
  • The most common thing people shout when they want the target fired is ‘pull’, however ‘mark’ can also be shouted if you want a low target to aim at.
  • Clay pigeon shooting is often performed with a shotgun, however the type used depends on the course and the local laws regarding gunfire.
  • There is also a much tamer version of clay pigeon shooting called laser clay shooting. This is when the guns are disabled and fitted with special laser equipment which can detect direct hits on the targets. The sounds of the guns being fired and targets being hit can also be played via speakers. The game is intended to be a safer version that children can enjoy.
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How to a Book

We don’t mean to brag, but we probably have the market’s friendliest booking conditions:

  1. Plan your perfect stag or hen weekend in Krakow- choose from over 70 stag and hen activities or packages to build your enquiry. Give us a call or contact us by email with your enquiry – once you’re ready to confirm all you’ll need to do to secure your weekend is to pay an initial deposit, which is a…
  2. Low deposit - only 50 GBP to secure your booking for the whole group
  3. Final payment = freedom of choice
    You can either only pay the final deposit of 20 GBP/pp and the rest on the spot when you safely arrive in Krakow and are met by our Rep, or you can pay the full amount upfront to our Revolut or Transferwise or Paypal business account - just let us know which option suits your needs better. In either case the final deposit or down payment, as well as the final numbers are required as late as 14 days before for activity only bookings, or 28 days before for accommodation bookings
  4. Late final numbers = you have plenty of time to organise your group and collect the money from the participants
    Final numbers are required as late as 14 days before for activity only bookings, or 28 days before for accommodation bookings
  5. Cancellations or no show ups on arrival ? Worry not !
    Simply the amount of deposit paid is the only cost of cancellation. And if you have paid in full before arrival, and some members dropped out at the last minute you can either use their services in full, or let us know till your arrival and we will cancel their services and offer you a prepaid drink voucher of even amount to one of the coolest bars in Krakow. In either way no money is forfeit !


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