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Rabid Dog Chase – Stag Party Pranks

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If your stag thinks of himself as a bit of a tough man then perhaps this is one of the best stag party pranks for him as it’s been known to turn even the hardest of stags into a shivering wreck. Imagine the sight of your mate wearing a chunky protective suit being chased across a field by a baying German Shepherd screaming at the top of his lungs. Of course the dog always wins, and you’ll be left watching your mate floored by the canine as you stand a safe distance away with a beer in hand. It’s one of the more unusual stag do ideas, but one which is sure to provide a great laugh for everyone (maybe with the exception of the stag!)

Tittle-tattle about the K-9 dogs

The dogs which are used for this activity are specially trained police attack dogs. They come from a K-9 training school on the edge of Krakow where they are trained by professional dog handlers. The breed which is used are German Shepherds, and they are trained to jump at the stag (usually knocking him to the ground) before biting on his arms or legs once he is grounded. Of course the stag is wearing protective clothing which makes this activity perfectly safe, with it being more scary than painful!

About the chase

“It was one of the most exhilerating things I’ve ever done”, says Nigel, who came to Krakow on a stag party in March, 2014, and was set up to do the rabid dog chase by best man Phil. “First of all they dressed me up in a huge protective outfit which made it quite difficult to run. To begin the chase I had to shout at the dog before the handler released it. I started to run, but then ‘bam’, the dog took me down from behind before tearing on my limbs which for some reason made me laugh hysterically. I then had three more chases, each as terrifying as the last. I can’t say I was sad when it was over, but it was a great adrenaline rush and certainly provided entertainment for my mates watching from the side!”

With stag pranks being part and parcel of any stag do, here at Party Krakow we like to give you a bit of a helping hand with your plans to prank the stag. Sure, there are a number of classic stag pranks that you can organise yourselves such as tying the stag up somewhere or making him wear a stupid outfit etc., but these have all been done many times before, so what if you want to take things one step further? Well if you do we have two words for you. Dog chase.


This one works particularly well if the stag is scared of dogs, and even if he’s not then it’s still a lot of fun as it’s the perfect way of scaring the stag sh*tless in a perfectly safe environment.

PartyKrakow decided to go along with a group to get a better feel for how the prank works. The activity takes place at a dog training school about 20 minutes’ drive from the centre of Krakow, so we met the group at their apartments before taking the short ride to the venue. Obviously being on a stag do the guys had drunk quite a lot the night before, with the stag Andy in particular feeling very rough. The weather is a scorching 30c which isn’t helping the guys’ hangovers.

And here is a video report from the gig:

1. We are met by the trainer, Sławek, who greets us before giving the Andy his protective clothing. The outfit consists of huge protective trousers and a jacket, as well as a fencing mask. Whilst he struggles to get the outfit on, Sławek gives him a quick safety briefing with instructions such as ‘keep your hands in the costume at all times!’

2. Once he’s ready he waddles over to the chase area, with Sławek standing 20 or so metres away with the dog which by now is baying with excitement and pulling at the harness to be released. Andy is instructed to shout aggressively and then run away which he does. With this the dog is released and he quickly catches up with the poor guy; launching himself at his arm and flooring him in one swift movement. With Andy now grounded the dog gets to work on his arm, grasping it in his jaws and shaking side to side. Sławek observes for a moment before calling the dog off with the stag’s friends absolutely howling with laughter.

3. Feeling a bit worse for wear the brave guy decides to give it another go with a different dog. Whilst it was a different canine used this time the result was still the same; the stag ended up hitting the ground hard.

Having been caught twice he decides to call it a day. Sławek offers the rest of the group a chance to try it, with everybody saying no at first before the best man, Fergus, steps forward to give it a go.

4. The third chase turned out to be the best of the lot, with Fergus running a lot faster than his mate meaning the dog had to use a lot more aggression to pull him to the ground, even knocking his helmet off in the process!


After the stress of the chases the guys were invited over to meet the dogs and have their photos taken with them before boarding the bus back into town. All in all it was an enjoyable afternoon for the lads, and something I’m sure that will stick in their memory from their stag weekend in Krakow.

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