ASG Krakow – Dogs of War

Nice toys for big boys! Airsoft shooting is a bit like paintball but feels more real. You get the use of exact replicas

Budget Kalashnikov shooting in Krakow

Do you want to shoot firearms that were some of the most powerful weapons available in the second half of the twentieth

Clay Pigeon Shooting CC

A budget version of our clay pigeon shooting package with 10 clays and 10 cartridges

Epic shooting range package in Krakow

7 weapons, 75 rounds/pp and a famous shooting range !

Laser Tag Krakow

Laser tags, laser games or laser paintball -as it’s also called- is an interesting alternative to paintballing. Eq

AK 47 Kalashnikov Shooting in Krakow - standard package

Our most popular gun shooting package in Krakow- 5 weapons and 55 rounds. A truly must do activity during the stag party !

Clay Pigeon Shooting

Clay Pigeon Shooting How about doubling the clay pigeons to 20 ?  For a ‘fiver’ more or less you can s

Paintball Krakow

Wanna play paintball in Krakow ? All right lads BUT before you roll up your sleeves and proceed to your Krakow paintball