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Beauty & the Beast Stag Prank

Have you ever seen Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” ? Well how about playing one – with Fat Berth

Oil Wrestling Krakow & Vodka Tasting

Krakow Oil Wrestling for stags “My Lords, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to tonight’s kracking prize fight b

Strip Hummer

It’s not only VIPs or famous people who have the privilege of travelling in style by hummer. Here at Party Krakow

Krakow stag do sexy stripper

Strippers on a stag do are like cakes at a wedding, it just doesn’t work without it. That is why at Part

Body Sushi Stag Dinner

Nyotaimori - popularly called body sushi is a sensual ceremony involving tasting of sushi directly from the body of a beautiful naked model.

Strip Limo

Not as large and as fancy as the Ultimate Partybus but still very classy, a stretched limo is sure to give you

Steak and Tits Stag Dinner

Krakow – the party capital of Poland can help serve up something a bit special for you on your last week

Strip River Cruise

Here is something for the sailor in you – a river boat cruise…with a difference! This is a golden

Big Bertha Roly Poly Stripper

If you don’t want to worry about the whole Beauty and the Beast show then it’s possible to just bo

sexy maid krakow stripper prank

Sexy maid stag prank Nobody likes being woken up early when they’re on a stag party, especially if they

Strip Partybus airport pick up

The ultimate start to a Krakow stag do. Awaited for a long time, missed by the strippers, wanted by the stags

Partybus city cruise with VIP nightclub entry

Get the ultimate start of your Krakow stag night with the unique and luxurious Krakow Partybus. The vehicle is