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10 Tips For Planning A Stag Do

Planning a stag do, especially abroad is a complicated and tiring business for a best man. It can involve him in writing literally hundreds of mails if a group is on the large side. There is also a good chance that he will never even have met some of the group members but will still have to organize a whole stag weekend’s entertainment for them. This can be a pretty thankless task. People will express praise and gratitude of things fall into place but will roundly condemn you if they don’t. We’re here to take the stress out of the job of organizing your stag weekend abroad and allow you to party in peace.

Here is some advice:

  1. Look Ahead. Encourage members to book their flights to Krakow well in advance of the party date. There’s not a lot that?s more frustrating than negotiating a deal for a group and then having to start again because some of them left it too late and couldn?t find or afford flights and tell you this a week before you are supposed to leave.
  2. Know your friends. Find an organizer that you trust and try to get a good rapport with him. At Party Krakow we normally like to give people making an enquiry a brief telephone call to introduce ourselves. This gives us the opportunity to get a feel for what your group requires and often saves a lot of email exchange. 
  3. Save time and money. Give yourself plenty of time. 2 or 3 months sounds a long time but it simply flies by. Last minute bookings can also mean that certain services are unavailable or more expensive- remember that most popular central hotels and apartments in Krakow sell really well and fast. The same applies to most popular stag activities- they have to be booked in advance or otherwise you may find yourself in a situation where your preferred stag do activity is already taken at the requested time and date or at least convenient hours are already booked by the other groups.
  4. Finish the formalities. We offer a simple booking service which involves an initial booking fee of 50 GBP on behalf of the entire group. This gives the advantage of guaranteeing prices quoted against currency fluctuations. A second deposit is required closer to the date of travel to cover the prepayments that we make on your behalf for accommodation and activities. 
  5. Keep things simple. This company offers a very wide range of stag do activities in Krakow and some extremely tasty krakow stag weekend packages. Our advice is that you have a look at them, write or speak to us about them and then make some kind of decision with the stag as to what you want to suggest to your group. Try to keep the list of activities simple otherwise your job will become open ended. Send this off to your colleagues as a package which is more or less agreed. Some best men spend weeks trying to get a common decision from people that they?ve never met just because a couple of them prefer one activity that the rest don’t like.
  6. Stay fit. It’s a good idea to recommend all members private travel insurance. Failing this, getting an E111 or EU EHIC card is a great idea for EU citizens since it gives you access to the Polish health system (very good too). It can be obtained online.
  7. Plod through the paperwork. Don’t forget to complete the questionnaire we send asking you for names and contact numbers of all travelers. This is to speed up your accommodation check in and for our combined security. If one of your number gets lost or into difficulties, this information makes helping them a lot easier.
  8. Read the advice. When we send out advice on dos and don?ts during your Krakow stag party, please try to get all members acquainted with them.
  9. Share our advice. Advise all members to leave passports and valuables in safety at their accommodation. A lost passport means a trip to Warsaw and the loss of a lot of time.
  10. Deliver the details. When applying for a quote, it's a good idea to remember the following:
    • include the number of travellers
    • include the dates
    • include a phone number, preferably a landline and suitable time so that we can contact you with any questions


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