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Stag Party Movies

Whilst getting in the mood for a Stag Do sometimes it’s good to watch a couple of stag party movies. Of course everybody has heard of and probably seen The Hangover, but there’s a few more out there which are well worth a watch (and some others which really aren’t!)


Stag Night

A simple title, a simple plot, simple acting…actually everything about this film is simple, but it can serve the purpose of a ‘guilty pleasure’ for any horror fans. The story goes that four guys on a stag do get off on the New York Subway at the wrong stop and get trapped underground all night. Little did they know that the New York Subway is home to a gang of cannibals who are determined to really ensure that it’s the stag’s last night of freedom. 

Of course this ensures a typical unrealistic battle as they bid to stay away from baying teeth of the cannibal gang.


The Bachelor Party

The Bachelor Party attempts to show that Irish film can indeed match the Americans when it comes to this type of cinema. And whilst it might not be anywhere near as mainstream as some of the efforts from across the pond, the bachelor party is a fine piece of work which deserves more recognition than it has received. The story revolves around Fionan, an Irish guy whose fiancée enlists the help of the best man to take Fionan away for a stag weekend in the country to stop him interfering in the wedding plans. The group ends up camping, with Fionan’s soon to be brother-in-law nicknamed ‘the machine’ also going along. Whilst the film is not as outlandish as some American films of this genre, the laughs are plentiful and this one is definitely worth a watch.


Clerks II

Clerks I is a classic comedy film from the early nineties about two guys, Randall and Jay, who are stuck in dead end jobs in a convenience store. Shot in black and white on a very low budget Clerks I went on to become a bit of a cult classic, so it was no surprise that a sequel was made. Clerks II catches up with the pair ten years later as Randall is off to marry to girl of his dreams after the pair have moved on to a new job in a McDonald’s type fast food restaurant.


Very Bad Things

Moving away from the comedy genre now, Very Bad Things is a much darker tale. After a prostitute is killed during an out of control stag do, they decide to dispose of the body in the desert. This in turn then sees the group start to turn on each other as the wedding draws closer. This one is worth watching, with a big name cast including a very young Cameron Diaz giving good performances.


Bachelor Party

The movie which started the entire theme of stag based movies. Bachelor Party stars Tom Hanks as Rick who is about to marry Debbie (Tawny Kitaen) whose parents absolutely hate him. His friends decide that he needs to have the ultimate stag night, so they arrange the party to end all parties in a hotel room which includes strippers, hookers and even a donkey sniffing cocaine in a lift. A rather simple storyline but some hilarious scenes help make this film great.

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