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Have you taken on the responsibility of planning your best buddies stag party? If you want to plan an epic stag night that no one will forget, you need to choose the perfect destination, the right activities, some unique games that will bring the groom out of his comfort zone, and stag do rules that will be implemented to make the night even more interesting. As the best man, you cannot simply take the groom and all of your buddies to the stripclub (check pimped kracking stag weekend)and expect to be done with stag do planning. Once you select a stag theme, the dates, and a venue, here are some stag do rules that you can enforce at the beginning of the night so that violators must pay the penalty.



Not everyone is planning a stag weekend where the goal is to get extremely drunk. Think about the theme of your stag party. The rules that you select should enhance everyone’s experience and unite all of the men attending in equality. What is the theme of the stag night or stag weekend you are planning? If true manhood is the theme, keep this in mind while you are coming up with rules. After all, your rules should be put in place as a fun way to punish your best lad for putting a girl before the buds in a fun and entertaining way.


  1. The groom should only be referred to as ‘The Stag’ during the entire night. Make sure to identify variants of ‘The Stag’ that are acceptable like Stagger or Stagly.
  2. The Stag, or Stagger, should not have the luxury of choosing his own drinks as the night commences. Select an hour, typically around 8 or 9, and at this time the stag is no longer allowed to choose any beverage, alcoholic or non-alcoholic, that will go down their throat.
  3. Non-stags can create their own pretentious titles that the stag must use the entire night. The name should be the most ridiculous title that can be thought of. Anytime the stag uses the non-stags real name, he will be forced to pay the penalty.
  4. The Stag will be required to get permission to use the restroom all night long. If The Stag needs to use the toilet, non-stags will flip a coin and have the stag guess correctly. The penalty for choosing the wrong side of the coin will be to wait 15 minutes before the Stag can ask again.
  5. New rules can be added by non-stags throughout the night as long as all other non-stags approve.



Stag do games are fun, but playing games and following the rules at the same time makes the night at the stripclub or nightclub much more entertaining. Here are some penalties that will make it so entertaining when the stag or even the best man breaks the rules:

  • Down a drink
  • Standing on the corner with an embarrassing sign
  • Offender must sing at least 2 verses of the song selected by non-offenders
  • Collect phone numbers, bras, or random items

Most of the time, stag do games and the stag theme are put into place as an excuse to get the Stag as drunk as possible. If you want to have a memorable night, you might want to adjust how much of the night is focused around alcohol. If you want to have so much fun that your memory is a little hazy the next morning, here are some great rules to implement to make it happen.

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