Well. The groom to be has elected you as his best man and it is your heavy responsibility to negotiate with loads of other blokes, your own partner, a load of other people and with Party Krakow to organise his stag do in Krakow. It’s your duty to get the poor sod as slammed as is humanly possible, organise his stag activities, soothe away his hangovers, keep him on the (relatively) straight and narrow and then deliver him home to his family and future trouble and strife in one piece. Easy!

So what are the top 10 stag do ideas in the Krakow Top of the Pops? This fine and friendly city offers a great deal of things to do but experience has shown us that the most popular activity-based Polish stag weekend parties include at least one of these ideas.

  1. The BBC used to be a bastion of decent entertainment. Conceived in the distant past by a caring British government, this fine media corporation was designed to promote all the good things in cultural life. Today the BBC has developed a new lease of life and is a whole lot better as a result.The BBC, or Balsamic Babes Combat features two near naked Polish beauties battling it out in baby oil while you guys are getting well oiled yourselves and possibly having a bet on the winner. The climax of this, the new sport of kings, is a final humiliation round between the stag and the buttery babes!oil_girls
  2. A truly memorable Krakow stag party jaunt is either an airport collection with city tour or 2 hour city tour in the unique ultimate party bus. Up to 32 people can travel in true limousine style whilst necking into bubbly, beer or vodka to great (3000w) music and the attention of one, two, three or more gorgeous strippers. Lounging around on the leather trimmed sofas, lapping up these luxuries is an unforgettable experience. You can also arrange for a “surprise”, like a police woman to board the bus during the drive, book the bewildered bandit stag and then show him and his mates what nature meant them to see!pb_party
  3. Fancy a fantastic dinner date with around a dozen topless dancers during your Krakow stag party? A lot of guys do and you get a good 2 course nosh in a fancy city centre lap club with 2 of the ladies grabbing the poor old stag and ripping away his wrappings on the stage! You get free club entry and can stay as long as your stamina holds out! Just remind the stag that this will quite possibly be the last time anybody takes an interest in him below the belt because soon it?ll be just down to her indoors to provide the excitement! That?s just one of the Topless Dinner’s fine points (most of the others are to be found in pairs on the girls!).713158-megabikini
  4. So what about dinner in a place where you serve your own beer? This is a great stag do idea that takes place in Krakow’s very own micro brewery. The beers are fresh and lively and served in 5 ltr tabletop “giraffes” from which the lads help themselves through taps in the base. The food is really great and could have been designed to keep a hard partying group on the go.CK
  5. And here’s a relatively new stag party idea. ASG, or Air Soft Gun, is a game for big boys playing with big toys! It looks a bit like paintball which many people expect it to supplant in terms of popularity. You indulge in different battle scenarios in teams which shoot the crap out of each other using exact replicas of such guns as AK47 and M-16 with plastic balls that sting a little. And each player gets a smoke grenade with which to blow things out of proportion. Great practice for the forthcoming war between the groom and his in laws!asg1
  6. And here’s the chance to do something really macho that the granny laws in the UK forbid! The AK47 and Uzi machine pistol are icons throughout the world and real adrenalin boosters. This is a Krakow stag do idea that appeals to those who want to try the real thing and to hell with the noise, the kick back and the hangover! Naturally, as with all our stag party activities, you get a nice guide and a return journey beer.Rifle_AK-47
  7. Do you fancy sending the groom to his ultimate fate with a secret fond memory? The Morning Glory is a wake up with a difference and goes like this. The stag crashes into his bed, unaware that anything extraordinary has been planned for his return to consciousness. In the morning, a nice looking piece of totty lets herself into his room and busies herself noisily cleaning up the mess the drunken bum left the night before. As he groans his way back to reality, the maid accidentally loses a bit of her outfit. And then, to the delight of the evil smelling groom to be, “accidentally” loses every stitch. It’s guaranteed to get at least part of even the most battered stag upright and ready for an action-packed Krakow stag day.morning_glory
  8. A breathtaking way of clearing away the cobwebs is to get yourselves into some white water and raft away for a couple of hours. You can do this either as a day out on the wonderful Duniec river or locally at the Olympic centre. Either way this is a thrills and spills occasion and the chances are you’ll get a free bath at the same time. Not many Krakow stag activities look after your personal hygiene so this should go down well with the girls back at home!splyw_pontonem_9
  9. Loads of guys fancy more than one of our wild stag activities but are frustrated by either lack of time or lack of funds. We’ve just developed a way of combining a series of two activity packages to solve the problem. With the Kracking Stag Day, you can combine indoor paintball with outdoor karting, outdoor paintball with outdoor quad riding, and indoor target with outdoor clay shooting. These are taken one after the other and save the busy party lots of drinking time and a fair bit of drinking money. This is a very popular and practical Krakow stag do idea.kracking_day
  10. Like the Kracking Day idea? No Krakow stag do can be complete without its evening equivalent ! the Kracking Stag Night. This is loaded with absolute gems for the party lover and involves a marathon 6 hour guided pub tour with VIP lap and nightclub entries. Naturally, a table dance is included at the lap club and the boys get a beer and a shot of vodka thrown in. Knowing what a drain on the energy that ogling the delights of so many topless beauties brings, the boys also get a reserved table at either the micro brewery or the Hooters style restaurant. And, believe it or not, the stag gets to eat and drink, completely free, the average of what his mates shove down their throats!kracking_night_kopia