Regardless to the fact whether your gig is a stag party or a corporate event before you arrive to Krakow make sure you read it Changing Money. How about playing “Beat the Bank” ?? If you’re sick of getting ripped for commissions charged by greedy high street bankers every time you breathe and don’t fancy funding another crisis, then change your money here. In this exciting sport, 2 players – a buyer and a seller – meet in a licensed shop to get as much money from each other as possible at a meeting, based on rates displayed in the window. The result is always a draw with both players more than happy since there was no referee taking a rip off rake off. DO change your cash in Krakow – it’s safe, legal and saves a lot of hard earned money ! Communication problems. Language a problem? Yes and no. Most younger generation Poles you see and meet will have at least a working knowledge of English whist a large number will speak it fluently as a second language. So try to keep comments about a girl’s best attractions polite because she will almost certainly know exactly what you’re saying about her. You might find this embarrassing when she turns round and answers you! Safety. DO feel safe in Krakow city centre. It’s pretty much a non stop party environment and there are always people about. Naturally, i’s a good idea to use your common sense and stay in a group. But don’t be afraid of problems unless you provoke them. Nightclubs. DON’T worry about the stag friendliness of the venues we book you into. These are on a list of regular establishments that welcome groups and can be trusted to provide good service with no hassle. DON’T turn up to nightclubs in jeans, T-shirts and or short trainers – you will be refused entry if you do. Ripping off the Brits in clubs ?. DO look at prices before you order something. Beer and vodka are the staples of a good stag night and are very cheap but wines and spirits, particularly imported ones, are as expensive here as anywhere else. So always enquire about prices before ordering champagne and caviar for a group of 16 guys who have just spent the last few hours enjoying the local ale. Thefts. DO leave your cameras, wallets, passports etc in a safe place in your accommodation unless you need them. It’s a good idea to keep a photocopy of the main page of your passport with you however. Most times that something goes missing, it is more often a question of loss than theft. So why take chances with something valuable when setting out on a long, boozy and varied night out? Faithful respect. Poland is a Catholic country and the spiritual side of life is taken very seriously here. This doesn’t stop Polish people from enjoying life however! So under no circumstances be tempted to parody or otherwise take the rip out of the religion here. It is very offensive and might lead to problems. Once a group of very civilized revellers asked advice about their intentions to use a Pope and Cardinals theme for their fancy dress wear. They were very understanding and didn?t take the risk! But DO leave religion out of it. Franky said. DON’T be afraid to relax and enjoy yourselves. Local people are usually open, friendly and very helpful if politely asked for assistance. The golden rule is “When in Rome do as the Romans do” but don’t throw commonsense to the lions ! Scottish Notes. DON’T bring Scottish money since, for some unknown reason, it attracts a much lower rate of exchange than English. This shouldn’t be seen as a prejudice against our Scottish friends but please remember that English banknotes are more valuable than others from Britain.