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Each year males endure an increasingly demeaning series of stag do challenges. Designed as the European equivalent to a bachelor party, close friends organise a stag night (or stag do activities for whole weekend) that encompasses everything from public nudity to Smurfs. Weekend lushes and conservative partygoers can all find something of interest in this highly diversified list of stag do dares.

naked stag man

  • Let the groom get in touch with his feminine side. Take his clothes while he showers and leave a dress (or top and skirt) with cryptic clues on where to meet later in the day. Get rid of anything he would feel comfortable wearing and leave immediately. Buy him lots of booze later to erase the taste of sheer embarrassment.
  • Get everyone to write down the worst pickup lines ever used on separate slips of paper. Place them in a container and have everyone choose one that they must use on a random stranger by a certain time. Worship the first person who returns with their face intact and a name or dance under their belt.
  • Hire a little person for the festivities. Paint the new addition blue and secure them to the groom for a night of questions and hopefully some erratic behavior. The challenge lies in retaining an ounce of sanity when the night is over.


  • Initiate random group activities during the night. Tell everyone to drop their pants or take a shot when they hear a certain word or phrase. After all, drinking is the ultimate goal for many stag night attendants.
  • Lay off the booze and go for a more wholesome set of Stag do challenges with a survival weekend. Contact companies that specialize in creating customized stag do experiences that focus on team building instead of moral perversion (or best- contact a stag do company which specialises in both, like PartyKrakow ! ).

a lego man drinking

  • Drink with certain limitations. Left-handed pints during a certain time, then everything happens with the right hand. Anyone who violates must drink double!
  • Imitate a scene from the first Hangover movie and rent a car to execute some stag do dares. Drive a dream vehicle (like e.g the Krakow Strip Partybus) and tackle previously arranged challenges. This is the perfect solution for guys with an admitted lack of creativity and / or free time.
  • Practise some moves with the ladies and convince a total stranger to let a partygoer suck her toes while a certain song plays in the background. Take things to the next level and have another friend / victim sincerely declare his love to another fun-loving female.


Planning the perfect list of Stag do challenges is not rocket science. The best stag do dares are born from alcohol and boredom. Even for non-drinkers, the previously listed tasks are extremely helpful in creating one epic Krakow stag do weekend !


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