One of the things commonly asked of us who are lucky enough to live here, is “What does Krakow have to offer?” Good question and the simple answer is “lots”! Many stag groups visit this magnificent city and visitors frequently ask local Brits for advice. I’ve got to know a few party goers and a couple of companies that act as organizers, so I’m relatively qualified to answer the question.

The Krakow stag party can get an enormous amount of fun here, cheaply and easily, but there are many things of interest here that are not advertised. But good Krakow stag do organizers are always happy to give some words of advice – you just have to find the right one. This has always been my experience, and locally based companies seem to be better in touch with what they are selling.

Last October 26th, My good (sometimes) lady and I were taking a stroll along the banks of the wonderful river that meanders lazily but gracefully through the surrounding countryside and actually gives this fine city it’s southern margin. The weather was a pretty agreeable 25C and very sunny.

As we wandered along the strand, passing under the numerous bridges that adorn the river, we came within view of the Wawel Castle, we noticed an invitation to board a boat and travel to the Tyniec Monastery and back for a walloping 40 PLN (9GBP for the two of us). Two hours in each direction, fabulous weather and cheap beer!

We accepted the challenge and bought our tickets, hopped up on to the foredeck and took the best seats available. Being a solitary sort of bloke, I was well pleased to see that we were the only passengers on board this largish boat.

As sod’s law would have it, things changed. The seats around and behind us were gradually covered by arses belonging to a great variety of nations. Krakow is a very cosmopolitan city and we do our best to cater for all types!

Consoled by the fact that we were in the forward seats, we didn’t worry as an assorted bunch of folk joined the trip and filled the seating. We got a bit riled when some late arrivals pitched up and stationed their unwelcome butts at the front of the boat, thus obliterating our treasured view forward.

Sitting and listening to the people around us was a delight and an insight into the way that things work here. The guy behind me was English and evidently part of a Krakow stag group that was not well informed. He’d bought a ticket for a 30 minute jaunt and then got on the wrong boat!

The tour we were on was scheduled to last 4 hours – pretty good at the price with a nice bar for the necessary refreshments. The poor fellow made a call just after we had set sail and I heard him report that he was on a short river cruise and would be joining his mates in the bar in 30 minutes. Naturally curious, I turned around and asked him if he liked swimming. He was a decent sort and just laughed it off and had a great 4 hr cruise for a very reasonable 1.5 GBP.

This is an example of the wonderful opportunities away from the bare-breasted girls and the glamour of the centre. Krakow is the best city in which I’ve ever lived and Prague, London, New York, Budapest and Vienna simply do not compare. The stag party member in Krakow has an infinite variety of activities at his disposal